IMAGES Suitable for anywhere from Myanmar to Mount Everest, Light & Motion provides reliable, durable and waterproof products that are compact, lightweight and can function in below-zero temperatures. Perfect for a quick set-up and easy travel, they offer all-conditions portability

After 30 years leading the way in underwater lighting, Light & Motion aims to use its expertise in designing the most robust, high-performance, portable lights to become the leader in location lighting.

and moisture. Never once has a light failed in the field. They are incredibly reliable.” ROBUST RELIABILITY Ready in any weather – from snowstorms to hurricanes – the Stella Pro CL series is weatherproof and built to handle a one- metre drop onto concrete. The lights allow news crews to light the shot no one else can get. The compact and lightweight aspect, along with high output, means that lighting doesn’t have to be limited for remote location shoots. These lights can be stored easily in a backpack for when you’re travelling on foot, or when flying, without worry or excess baggage costs.

Mark Fisher is a cinematographer and photographer, and the founder of Fisher Creative. He says: “I’ve used the Stella lights from the jungles of Myanmar to the slopes of Mount Everest. They are incredibly reliable, lightweight, powerful and durable. Their portability makes them a must-have item for location stills and motion work.” Similarly, professional news teams appreciate the highly portable, untethered Pro CL series for fast deployment to follow the action – including shooting in direct sun, where powerful lighting is necessary to get the shot. Mark Fisher continues: “The gear I use needs to be light, durable, waterproof and able to survive the extremes of cold, heat


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