SHINING TOPSIDE Light & Motion has been in business for 30 years, starting in underwater imaging and redesigning LED lighting to support top photographers and videographers around the world

LIGHT & MOTION, A STORIED BRAND with 30 years of experience building powerful compact lights for underwater filmmakers, has come up for air, mapping its high-powered lights for topside use. “We saw the opportunity to drive powerful compact self-contained lights to the surface, leveraging our experience making robust cinema grade lights that take advantage of the latest LED and battery technologies,” says Daniel Emerson, Light & Motion CEO. Lights like the Stella Pro CL 8000 RF (pictured right), which features an integrated Li-ion battery and advanced COB LED array. It delivers an incredible 8000 lumens of light (equivalent to a 200w HMI) for 50 minutes. Great for working with large light modifiers or diffusion panels, the compact unit delivers professional lighting that renders colours beautifully. Its compact design allows multiple Stella Pro RFs to be packed in carry-on sized bags, eliminating worry and checked bag fees. With no cords or ballast warm up, the single-point LEDs are ready at a moment’s notice and do not require heavy stands or counterweights. CHIP ON BOARD Consistent with all Light & Motion Pro lights is the COB array, which provides a smooth, evenly dispersed, 120° native beam with 92 CRI and 94 TLCI ratings. Tom Brady, head of marketing at Light & Motion, describes the big advantages of COB: “The powerful COB LED array delivers a well spread, beautiful light. A continuous light for fill is often all you need to create a realistic and professional image.” Durability and all-conditions portability are the hallmarks of Light &

Motion’s Pro line, with features derived from its dive heritage with some lights at full IP68, which guarantees protection in water up to 100 metres for 30 minutes and IP54 water resistance, providing full capability for demanding broadcast outdoor shoots. LOCATION LIGHT Perfect for on-the-go content creators who are always moving from one location to the next, CL lights can be easily tucked in your camera bag or backpack. The integrated Li-ion battery provides six to 11 hours of cord-free operation, and allows you to travel by air without the worry of TSA battery limitations. The Stella Pro compact units are also

the ideal lights for run-and-gun content creation. On camera or off, handheld or mounted, the small design saves you time – and the low profile won’t interfere with candid shots and interviews. THOUGHTS FROM THE FIELD Barry Andersson, cinematographer and author of The DSLR Filmmaker’s Handbook, says: “I don’t have time to waste on location – I want equipment that sets up fast, from out of the case, so I can spend time on the creative side, working with the talent to get the shot. Not needing cords and cables lets me work in a way that is fast and efficient.” CBS Morning News photojournalist, Jake Barlow, enthuses: “In my work, there are no second chances. I have to have tough equipment that can withstand below-zero temperatures and are reliable at any hour of the day. Stella’s compact size and powerful punch is remarkable, but the time-saving aspect is astounding.”

“The Stella lights are incredibly reliable, lightweight, powerful and durable”

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