IDX will showcase the all- new PowerLink IPL series, its latest stackable battery solution for high-end cinema cameras. It includes two models: the IPL-98 & IPL- 150 with capacities of 96Wh and 143Wh respectively. These models will include all of IDX’s latest technologies and features such as BMS, SMBus, D-Tap & USB. With the ability to link up to four IPL-98/ IPL-150 batteries, users can create a customisable capacity while drawing power from the last battery mounted. With travel being part of most video productions, IDX has developed a four- channel (2+2) simultaneous VL-4X V-Mount charger: compact, lightweight and convenient for those who already own IDX products. The included AC adapter can also serve as a 90WDC power supply.

Hawk-Woods will be showcasing the new VL-MX8, an eight-channel mini V-Lok charger which allows for up to eight batteries to be charged in groups of four at 2.5A. Weighing just 2kg the VL- MX8 is small and compact compared to other chargers on the market which are a similar size offering only four channels. The VL-MX8 is designed to complement the Hawk-Wood V-Lok Mini batteries, while supporting most existing V-mount batteries. The charger is silent during operation and allows for heat to dissipate from vents.


Monitoring on set gets an update with the Teradek Bolt 4K; capable of transmitting uncompressed 2160P60 HDR video with zero delay on up to six receivers, it offers significantly improved image quality at 1080p and even lower resolutions. Also on display is the Ace 500, an HDMI-only wireless monitoring system which features the same zero-delay wireless video of the Bolt range, without the extra software and hardware options. New to Teradek RT is the CTRL.3, a three-axis wireless FIZ controller, and the MDR.X, an ultra-smart receiver. Both are part of Teradek RT’s new line of cutting- edge lens control products.


Cinelab is a comprehensive film laboratory and film facility in Europe, offering film processing, telecine, scanning, sound preparation services and film deliverables. Services are also provided for archive and restoration projects and it is the only film lab in the world working in all feature film formats. Its team of highly experienced film specialists will be coming to Cine Gear Expo to meet people in the industry and answer any film related questions, but to also learn and keep up with the latest innovations. Cinelab is renowned for providing excellent client service and attention to technical detail. RIGHT TheWhite Crow , directed By Ralph Fiennes, tells the incredible true story of Rudolf Nureyev. Cinelab London Services: 16mm film processing; telecine dailies; grading; sound syncing: final scans.

22 DEF I N I T ION | JUNE 20 1 9

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