SmallHD set the industry standard for monitors with the 702 Bright. It was the first seven-inch, full HD, daylight viewable on-camera monitor with a compact form factor. Small HD will now display the next generation 702 Touch, with 50%more brightness and DCI-P3 colour reproduction. The Cine 7 will also be on the stand, Small HD’s Teradek Bolt-integrated wireless monitoring systemwith 1800 NITs, 100% DCI-P3 colour, locking connectors and wired cinema camera control software upgrades. Filmmakers can get the Cine 7 with a built-in Teradek transmitter and can change settings such as white-balance, shutter speed and record start/stop from the daylight viewable display. Meanwhile, the monitor can send lossless HD video in up to 500ft of range.


Cooke has been at the heart of filmmaking business for over one hundred years, and while it’s hugely aware of its legacy, it’s also looking forward and continuing to lead the way by introducing new and innovative products. Cooke will present the latest version of its /i Technology, now with shading and distortion mapping. The ‘intelligent’ technology enables film and digital cameras to record key lens data for every frame shot and provide it to post- production teams, an instrumental process that will help save time. On the stand you will find the new 18mm and 180mm lenses from its S7/i Full Frame spherical range. These, together with the 27mm, are going into production over the coming months to round out the range. Cooke will also display the painterly vintage Panchro/i Classic range, as well as the Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus range, which are available with SF coating. Additionally, Cooke Optics TV will be on the stand, shooting and broadcasting live to Facebook and YouTube throughout the show, interviewing cinematographers, camera departments and film production professionals.


DMG Lumière by Rosco will be showcasing the Maxi Mix for the first time in Hollywood. Maxi Mix was designed as a hybrid LED soft light to be used in studios and on location shoots, and can be rigged as a fill or key light with its all-in-one on-board controls. Mix technology is equipped with six exclusively designed Rosco LEDs. The bespoke LEDs have opened up a vast colour spectrum, and also contain verified Rosco gels.


Quasar Science returns to its roots as a pioneering motion picture-compatible LED light bulb manufacturer. The new and improved Filament LED light bulbs replicate real filaments by using LED diodes tightly packed along tiny substrates. The six-watt A19 size Filament LED is flicker-free and compatible with most professional and consumer dimmers, and all Filament LED light bulbs can be switched between 5600 kelvins or 3000 kelvins for colour temperature accuracy.

JUNE 20 1 9 | DEF I N I T ION 21

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