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Sony Electronics has added two new PTZs to its line-up. The SRG-A40 and A12 have 4K resolution and built-in AI analytics to track movement and keep subjects in-frame. Other highlights include high image quality (thanks to Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor), 40x optical zoom, remote control and streaming, as well as simple operation and connectivity between cameras. The PTZs – ideal for lectures, conferences and other live events – will likely be available in summer 2023 and start at £3600. NEW ENTRIES TO SONY’S PTZ SERIES

What sound does the earth make? German comms brand HDwireless went on a submarine expedition to find out. Filmed for TV, the project took five days, with a dive team retrieving a hydrophone from Austria’s deepest lake. The journey required approval from the military and impeccable wireless tech to ensure comms between land and lake. Enter: Clear-Com. The crew used Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak Edge Wireless System – supplied by German Audio-Technica – with the submarine’s pilot, co-pilot, the presenter and a guest each equipped with beltpacks. “At a depth of 200m, you have to be very safe,” said Patrick Nußbaum, CEO of

HDwireless. Ashore, a production van combined the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix System with V-Series Iris Keypanels and the Agent-IC mobile app. By taking advantage of wired and wireless Clear- Com systems, the crew safely navigated the mission. Returning to the original question, what sound does the earth make? “I don’t want to make it!” laughed Patrick.


V-Nova recently partnered with Brazil- based Globo to debut the first-ever MPEG-5 LCEVC-enhanced channel during the 2022 Fifa World Cup. The showcase included two major

experiments during live broadcast. First, they used an LCEVC enhancement layer to turn a TV 2.0 signal into an HDR 10-bit channel. Second, they provided 4K HDR visuals and complete, personalised audio

by Dash, streaming an LCEVC-enhanced VVC video. These moves signal a transition to TV 2.5 and 3.0, with future formats supporting high-resolution video and next-generation audio on both broadcast and streaming platforms.


Due for an upgrade to its production console, Sky New Zealand opted again for Lawo. Sky commissioned Lawo’s partner, Professional Audio & Television (PAT), to design a new IP audio system; the Lawo mc²56 MkIII. The console works with Lawo’s UHD Core audio engines, RTW

TM7 metering unit and Home management platform. Once complete, Sky hopes to integrate its Lawo mc²36 console and V_pro8 video processors. Both Justin Loza (platform owner broadcast core, Sky NZ) and Mike Heard (senior solutions architect, PAT) have full faith in the joint venture.


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