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Connect and share The WB2200F is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and Near Field Communication (NFC), and you can make the most of this with all Samsung’s latest Smart Connectivity features. The brand new Tag & Go feature allows you to seamlessly connect the camera to your smart device just by touching them together, without any further configuration. Once paired, a host of features lets you easily transfer images in a variety of ways. Photo Beam sends the image you’re looking at on the camera’s screen to your smartphone, while Autoshare automatically transfers each shot the moment after you’ve taken it. You can even use Mobile Link to transfer multiple images to smartphones. With Remote Viewfinder, you can use your smartphone to control the camera from a distance – great for setting up shots with yourself in, or when the camera’s on a tripod. Comfort and performance Like the top professional DSLRs, the WB2200F has a dual grip, making it equally comfortable to hold whether you’re shooting in landscape or portrait

If you’re looking for versatility, then look no further than the new Samsung WB2200F. It’s a Super Bridge Long Zoom camera, and features a 60x zoom lens that offers the equivalent of a massive focal range of 20-1200mm. The 20mm ultra-wide angle of view allows you to capture sweeping landscapes or get more into the frame, while the zoom lets you get close to the action or capture more intimate shots. The zoom can be operated at double speed to save time, or you can jump directly from 0 to 60x zoom. Despite the huge zoom range, there’s no compromise in image quality, and the 16-megapixel back side illuminated CMOS sensor produces images with rich colours and plenty of detail; even when images are captured from a distance. The back side illumination ensures excellent performance in low light, and the WB2200F has a sensitivity range of ISO 80-6400. TheWB2200F offers a huge zoom, comfortable dual grip and the latest Smart technology

ABOVE The Samsung WB2200F’s dual grip offers a comfortable grip in either landscape or portrait format – just like pro cameras.

format, while remaining portable. It has an electronic viewfinder for framing up, or there’s the three-inch hVGA LCD screen on the back if you prefer, and i-Function control makes it easy to adjust settings such as the shutter speed and aperture via a single button. Smart Mode also benefits amateur and expert photographers alike, with a range of automatic modes offering the ideal settings for any scene, from Sunset to Action Freeze. What’s more, the long-life battery lets you enjoy your photography for longer than ever before.

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