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SPECIFICATIONS Price: £13,962/$10,999 Package including camera, back, monitor, grip, 500GB SSD and case Sensor: 6K full frame CMOS sensor, 36x24mm Recording formats: Compressed CinemaDNG 12-bit, ProRes444XQ 12-bit to 4K, ProRes422HQ/422/422LT/ Proxy 10-bit MOV, compressed Lossless KineRaw 12-bit File sizes andmaximumframe rates: 6K wide 75fps, 4K wide S35 100fps, 2K wide S16 200fps Anamorphic: Full-frame 40fps, Super 35 50fps Dynamic range: >14 stops Recordingmedia: 2.5in 7mm wide SSD Audio: In-cameramic, 3.5mm input jack, 48V phantompower XLR with KineBack ISO: 800-20,480. 800 and 5120 Dual Native Image stabilisation: None Autofocus: None Videomodes: Manual LUTs: Neutral, flat, custom 3D Dimensions (wxhxl): 115x110x95mm/4.5x4.3x3.7in Weight: 990g/2.1lb body only build it out however you want. The form factor is similar to Red but more compact, because the brain itself is tiny.” Connaughton bought theMavo LF propackage plus anEF andPLmount to fit his Samyang Xeen lenses: the 14, 24, 35, 50 and 85mm primes. Part of the reason he decided on the LF version of the Mavo was that Kinefinity wasn’t really well known compared to Blackmagic, Arri, Red and those brands. “I thought, if I’m going to go for one of their cameras, it needs to be their flagship product, because the spec sheet carries it when the name doesn’t. “With Kinefinity being such an unheard of company at themoment, I thought if I’m going to buy one and going to put it forward to companies for use on productions, the spec sheet needs those buzzwords to attract producers. Large format and 6K are both those kinds of buzzwords.”

ABOVE DOP Ash Connaughton made the move into large-sensor films by splashing out on his own Mavo LF

over an hour – it’s not much bigger than a DSLR. But so, so much more capable as a filmmaking tool. The side grip holds the battery and has a matching set of controls to the left side of the camera, but in a more usable position. The left side controls also have a small LCD screen to display settings, so you can make changes from either side of the camera. The main screen is a five-inch monitor that connects to a special port on the front of the camera, which provides the video signal and also the power. So you don’t need a battery to power the monitor, unless you want to add on a conventional externalmonitororEVF.Themonitor has a metal casing, is bright and has peaking and false colour tools. For a more workable solution that includes XLR inputs and SDI connectors, add on the new KineBack-W, which comes in the pro kit. This also gives time code

I/O, a sync port, a V-Lock battery connection and a port to plug in the MovcamDarkTower wireless card. The memory card is a 7mm SSD unit inside Kinefinity’s own housing. Instead of testing the camera ourselves, we spoke to DOP Ash Connaughton, who bought a Kinefinity Mavo LF camera kit in a bid to stand out from the crowd and entice producers with the large format aesthetic. “Since I’ve had the camera, I’ve done a couple of short films and some tests and I’ve been in prep for a movie, which I’m shooting on the LF. One of the shorts was over the course of three days, which was really intense. The other short was still three days but spread out over a fewweeks, sonot so intense. I’malso shooting an indie feature over the next few weeks.” The LF is Connaughton’s first Kinefinity camera, although he has been following the company’s progress over the last few years. He explains: “What swayedme was that ProAVwassupportingthem,offering servicing and maintenance for the cameras in the UK so you don’t have to send them back to China. But the spec of the camera speaks for itself - incredible considering the price. Those specs and the involvement of ProAV definitely got me interested.” He continues: “The form factor is very interesting – obviously you can shoot with the body, monitor and side grip, which is a really small and compact form factor for run-and-gun stuff. It’s easy and convenient to use, but you can then

BELOW The brand might not be as well known as some of the big-money rivals, but delivers the goods



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