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Kinefinity joins an exclusive club by bringing a full-frame cinema camera to market at a relatively affordable price BRAVO MAVO! KINEFINITY BIG GUN


T he dream of owning a full- frame cinema camera has taken a step towards reality thanks to Kinefinity. Joining Arri, Canon, Red and Sony as purveyors of a cinema camwith a full-size 35mm sensor, the upstart Chinesecamera firmis firmly joining the big league with the Mavo LF, which is less thanhalf the price of its more established rivals. At £13,692/$10,999 for a package including the camera, back,monitor, memory and just about everything you need to start shooting, it’s not exactly cheap. But it does put the unique look of a full-frame camera in the same price bracket as a low-end Red, which has a smaller Super 35 sensor. For a well-heeled

ABOVE Rigged up with a cinema lens, the new Mavo LF is a stunning creative machine at not a huge amount of cash

Whereas a year ago potential purchasers may have been put off by the brand’s lack of localised support, Kinefinity has worked with British firm ProAV, which now handles distribution and service in theUK, so that giveshugeconfidence to a potential purchaser. And there is talk of a Kinefinity centre soon being opened in Burbank, right in the Hollywood movie zone, to give service and support for US customers. The camera is outwardly identical to the Mavo, which means it is tiny and light at 990g/2.1lb body only. If you add on a lens and a standard 7mm SSD – along with the viewfinder screen and the side grip with a lithium battery that lasts for

filmmaker with a lot of work, or for a rental camera for a larger job, it is approaching the realm of being a justified expense. And it certainly marks you out as a cut above the normal shooter. The camera is virtually identical to the Super 35 Kinefinity Mavo we tested previously – an industrial- style modular camera that can be kept small or rigged up, and built to shoot Raw files. Like the Mavo and smaller Kinefinity Terra 4K, which we tested and raved about, the Mavo LF also has dual native ISO and comes with its own Kine lens mount to which you fit on the lens mount of your choice. Canon, PL, Nikon, manual Sony and lots more are available.



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