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Editor’s letter Innovate or bust?

Photography thrives on innovation and there have been many notable examples: 35mm format film, autoexposure, autofocus and the zoom lens are just a few that instantly spring to mind. And before you up put your hand up and ask ‘what about digital’, of course I haven’t forgotten filmless capture. Abig step came in 1954with the first camera with an instant return reflex mirror, so you now got an (almost!) uninterrupted through- the-lens view of the subject. Come forward several decades to digital and the next obvious step was mirrorless TTL cameras – obvious in hindsight at least. Now you can still see the image through the lens but without this costly, sensitive, noisy and vibration-generating mirror flapping up and down. Nor do youneed a bulkypentaprismthat directs light from the lens up to the viewfinder eyepiece. It wasn’t quite reinventing the wheel but it was pretty darn close. When the notion of mirrorless started to catch on, it was probably no surprise that the two SLR giants, Canon and Nikon, were tardy in their response. After all, these brands have serious history and financial commitment to reflex photography. I say tardy but what I really mean is non existent because it took Canon several years to come out with its EOS M system.

more good than harm. There is still a bit of the old boys’ (persons!?) network feel about it but things do seem to be changing – and for the better. Take, for example, its innovative Hundred Heroines campaign. The RPS wants your nominations for women who have benefitted photography. They might have inspired or challenged you or alerted the world to a particular situation. Frankly, I think if the idea had come along tenyears ago I’dbetmypension on the fact that the old boys would have kicked it into the long grass. The fact that the campaign is up and running

is a credit to the RPS and you have until 30 September to get your nominations in. It is open to all so please give it some thought and take part. Who are my nominations? I have a few ideas. Annie Leibovitz, Mary Ellen Mark, Diane Arbus, Fay Godwin and Sarah Moon all inspired me to take photography seriously back in the seventies

Now (cue, very loud fanfare,) Nikon has finally jumped on the mirrorless bandwagon. (I’ve ignored the Nikon Series 1 on the simple premise that no serious Nikon SLR user would have thought it a good idea to properly switch over to it.) Whether it is a case of better late than never or just in the nick

of time we will see, but what I do know is that Nikon’s new full-frame Z system is potentially something quite special. True, I have not used it properly yet but everything so far is positive and Nikon has a strategy for it including a lens road map for the next couple of years. Plus there’s excellent compatibility with Nikon-fit lenses, an impressive feature set and one of the best electronic viewfinders I have seen so far. Speaking of innovation brings me to The Royal Photographic Society. There’s not much fence-sitting when it comes to the RPS and it’s an organisation that promotes imaging or it’s an elitist clique. But as a member for over half of my lifetime by definition I think it does

while Sue Davies OBE, founder of The Photographers’ Gallery definitely deserves recognition. More up to date, I have Julia Fullerton-Batten and Lara Jade onmy list. You will certainly have your own ideas, so post your nominations on and keep up to date with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now, RPS, how about Hundred Heroes?

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