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Our thanks go to JayMcLaughlin

Olympus Brand Visionary Jay McLaughlin was the expert for our cover shoot, which took place at Park Cameras’ Burgess Hill store, and our thanks go to them for the use of their studio facilities. Jay has always been interested in photography. Having originally studied graphic design, he was made redundant in 2006 and suddenly found himself in a position where he had an opportunity to consider a change of direction.

“I’ve always been a visuallydrivenandcreative person,” he says, “so I went out and bought myself a DSLR. From that point, I knew who I was.” Within six months, Jay secured his first magazine cover. Within a year he was shooting for the nationals. Current work includes fashion and celebrity editorial shoots alongside commercial and advertising projects.

Above Our challengers with model Tara Sumner, Jay McLaughlin, Clare Harvey May fromOlympus and PN editor Will.


Josephine Johns

“I already committed to the Olympus system and have one lens, the 12-40mm f/2.8, for my OM-D E-M1 Mark II so it was a real treat to use such a variety of lenses. The day was also a great opportunity to pick the expert brains from Olympus. “I love p h o t o g r a p h i n g people, anyone from my daughter to work colleagues. Ideas for pictures just pop up in my head – I am

“For 26years Iwas a professional wedding photographer but had a heart attack 11 years ago. Eighteen months ago I started back into photography and for me, the lighter the camera the better as I can’t close my fingers. “I will admit I’ve never used Olympus cameras before but found using the OM-D E-M1 Mark II and lenses a great experience. I am looking into getting one on loan to test out in different locations. I really like the idea of having two card slots for peace of mind. As far as lenses are concerned, I’ve only ever used primes and found the 45mm f/1.8 lens a great focal length for people photography, and it is very compact, too.”

did one shoot with a naked woman, covered in metres of red silky fabric on a wet rainy day at the beach. My favourite shot of the day was

of Tara with some feathers I’d brought along as props. I did this with the 45mm f/1.8, which is an absolutely gorgeous lens.”

David Beasley

Keith Polwin

“I travel, doing at least one long trip a year and I do location model shooting, too, so I often have a roller case with two full- frame cameras and several fast aperture lenses. It’s a substantial amount to carry around. “I have frequently looked at smaller format cameras other than full- frame but have always decided against changing due to concerns on image quality. “This event gave me an excellent opportunity to try out the latest Olympus equipment including taking some side-by-side shots with my enjoy

“Before the event Iwas interested in buying the Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mark II to replace my full- frame gear and it was useful to gain experience actually using it in combination with the wide range of lenses on the day. “I am particularly interested in the camera because of the Pro Capture capability with its very fast shooting rate for my bird photography, and focus bracketing for insect macro work. I know many experienced nature photographers who have switched over for those reasons, and it is light, too, so it seems ideal for travel and carrying around on location. After seeing and getting the chance to

existing full-frame camera. "Overall, I was honestly very surprised at the sharpness achieved by the Olympus lenses. It certainly easily stood comparison with my full-frame camera. I’m taking

a four-week trip to Japan in 2019 so this event has certainly given me much to think about in terms of making the change beforehand, and giving myself sufficient time to become familiar with a new system before I go.”

use the OM-D system today I am now even more convinced on switching over.”

Thinking of switching?

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