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What’s your origin story? My name is Bruno

blockchain, and offers a better user experience. It is the first distribution and royalties platform to provide a bridge to Web3, where you can create and manage digital assets, mint tokens, authenticate your digital identity using your wallet and digitally sign blockchain transactions. This is the future of music platforms, providing users with the key infrastructure to help them monetise digital assets and take on faster payments directly to a mobile phone, or other device.

Guez, founder of Revelator. Backed by music industry and software development pros, Revelator offers a digital asset and blockchain-based distribution platform,

powering rights management, digital supply chain and royalty payment. It addresses the challenges of aggregating, processing, reporting and analysing large volumes of data. Plus, it solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator ’s industry-leading end-to-end solutions help enterprises get more value from data. All the while enabling them to share access with rights owners in unprecedented, transparent and efficient ways – in easy-to-use web and mobile applications. Its infinite computing cloud architecture leverages big data, AI and machine learning to collect, process, identify, match, enrich and analyse consumption and financial data from over 800 digital services. This helps produce accurate reporting and payments to rights holders and deliver actionable prescriptive insights. Revelator ’s suite of APIs power digital businesses of all sizes, from distributors to record labels, music publishers and rights societies. What are you working on now? A new web application. We’re retiring the original Revelator application that we built five or six years ago. This is a much better product – it’s not only faster, but supports 45 languages, integrates our digital Artist Wallet, digital payments on

What’s next? Revelator foresees a time when all types of creator will depend on Revelator ’s Original Works Web3 protocols. Creators can own their creative assets, and receive royalties with efficient payment processes and superior user experience. Adding Dapper Labs’ Flow to the Artist Wallet will play an integral part in these efforts, as it demystifies the process of getting assets on chain swiftly and securely. Artists and rights holders will be able to mint, manage and sell digital collectibles across marketplaces directly from their Artist Wallet. If you could have anything right now, what would that be? We would love more scale, with more developers and resources to go faster. When we were ten people, I wanted to be 20. Now, we are 40 people, and I want us to be 80.


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