FEED Spring 2022 Newsletter

Addressable advertising which is able to target user segments in sophisticated ways becomes a reality, and a game-changer for monetisation. This includes ad and content replacement, which MediaKind can deliver through its Prisma solution. “You have some solutions here and there in that live-streaming space, but the cloud solutions operating at a large scale are predominantly about on-demand, not live. No one has removed the limits from live – yet.” The company brought this to large-scale live streaming with its Aquila solutions, combining microservices to enable performance in a cloud-native architecture. The push now is to get live streams to work for 24/7 content, and in turn help broadcasters get more from the cloud. “There are a number of experienced broadcast engineers that aren’t yet IT-savvy, and on the other side, the IT part of the organisation isn’t necessarily focused on how the broadcast pieces come together.”

RACING AHEAD MediaKind makes impactful go-to-market tools for broadcast firms


SEEKING A TRUE CONVERGENCE Last year, MediaKind launched a partnership with Arqiva. The new arrangement will deliver a cloud- native, fully managed service for the aggregation, processing and delivery of TV services to any platform – at any scale necessary. “We’re providing the technology, and Arqiva is managing the service and taking it to market,” says Boorn. “Between us and Arqiva, we can move this solution to the cloud and achieve the scale that customers need, without having to put in massive investment or retrain all their operational staff.”

With truly cloud-enabled live broadcast, a lot of the current barriers to reaching audiences and monetising content will begin to fall away. This can be done with managed cloud applications (MCA), enabling media applications – managed by MediaKind and its partners – into the customer ’s own cloud. “It will start to be about how pop-up services can interact with what’s happening on the broadcast channel, and vice versa. When we begin to solve some of these problems, we’ll see a true convergence – where money is going to flow between your broadcast and streaming service.”


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