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Anamorphic innovators Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO4all optics offer something special that no rival lens manufacturers can match

T here’s always a point in every serious filmmaker’s life when it’s time to invest in their career by purchasing a matched set of prime cine lenses. The sort of investment that pays back for decades with incredible performance and reliability, alongside the joy of optics designed without compromise. Lenses that give a classic look which will never go out of fashion. Yet, deep down, many truly creative cinematographers also yearn for a set of anamorphic lenses – to offer the unique Cinemascope format and oval bokeh that’s often the domain of seriously high-budget Hollywood blockbusters. Far too often, the lofty price of such lenses is the biggest stumbling block, especially if they are for full-frame cameras. And to buy a set on top of cine primes is vastly expensive. However, now you can have it all with the Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO4all set. It’s the first set of cine lenses that can be used for both anamorphic and conventional footage. This duality has been warmly welcomed by the industry, as it’s a clear winner of Pro Moviemaker ’s innovation of the year award. This optical set has three conventional spherical cine prime lenses as well as an ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x anamorphic front adapter with a 1.5x squeeze factor. The ISCOspherical A+ cine primes are compact and come in focal lengths of 43mm, 58mm and 85mm, featuring a fast 2.4 T-stop.

“The set-up produces a classic, almost vintage look that matches revered ISCORAMA lenses”

anamorphic set-ups, where both lenses need to be focused. The ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x comes with a support bracket and select accessories in a fitted hard case with the three primes. This includes two M77 to M72 adapter rings. Further adapter rings are available as single products or in a full set, so that the ISCORAMA adapter works on the front of third-party optics. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all is the price. For something so unique – which can create wonderful results – it’s only £7200/$10,000 for the complete set. This brings top-quality spherical primes and anamorphics within reach of creative, indie filmmakers who love to push the boundaries and make even more visually adventurous films. And that really is a clever innovation.

These are made by Dulens – creator of the renowned Mini Primes – and modified for Schneider-Kreuznach. A special A+ amber coating creates warm-looking flares. The set-up produces a classic, almost vintage-style look that matches revered ISCORAMA lenses. The updated ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x anamorphic adapter has led to an improvement in clarity, engineered for a much-reduced closed focus distance of 140cm/55in. Adapter and lenses come stocked with a standard-size 0.8 gear ring to make them compatible with modern focusing devices. All three ISCOspherical prime lenses are 68mm long and 81.6mm wide, with consistent weight and scale positions to ensure lens swaps on-set are much easier and quicker. The focus throw is 270°, and they come in an EF mount which is user- changeable to the optional PL mount. Not only that, but they are a stylish blue colour. The ISCORAMA adapter is a sleek black with a 308° throw, measuring 105.6mm wide and 82.6mm long. In use, the prime lens focus is set to infinity and focusing is done on the adapter, so you don’t need two follow focus mechanisms. That’s a huge improvement over some

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NEXT-LEVEL GLASS For less than the price of a single anamorphic lens from some manufacturers, you can have three high-quality spherical primes and an anamorphic adapter from Schneider-Kreuznach



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