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BEACHTEK ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE The audio improver Beachtek’s DXA-Micro Pro+ is our editor’s choice this year – discover its irresistible charm

SOUND SOLUTION The award-winning Beachtek DXA-Micro Pro+ is easy to mount for incredible audio

A ny filmmaker worth their a poor-quality soundtrack. If you’re expecting top outcomes from audio embedded in video files from mirrorless or DSLR cameras – even if you can plug-in an external mic – disappointment is likely. That’s if you can even get your camera to work with pro-quality audio equipment, as the majority don’t have XLR inputs or adjustable, multi-channel audio. Adapter cables might allow it to connect, but you are likely to encounter hiss. This dreaded phenomenon is often caused by a low-powered preamp trying to boost the signal too hard, compressing the sound as salt knows audio is crucial for professional results. Nothing turns off a viewer faster than it’s recorded at a compromised bit rate. The Beachtek DXA-Micro Pro+ is an inexpensive and portable solution that allows you to connect any mic to any camera and record great sound with the pictures. Utilise it to eliminate sync issues in post: something that’s especially useful for mirrorless cameras, but it works for

camcorders and cinema cameras, too. Perhaps best of all is that Beachtek’s powerful, low-noise preamps have dual-gain settings and are a significant improvement on in-camera amps. It’s a one-stop solution to fantastic audio! The DXA-Micro Pro+ lets you connect wireless audio systems, camera-mounted mics with 3.5mm outlet plugs, handheld mics or boom XLR mics to your camera. It features a built-in XLR connector with 48v phantom power for pro XLR mics, as well as two 3.5mm mono and one 3.5mm stereo mini-jacks with plug-in power. The unit has a built-in lithium-polymer battery that functions for up to ten hours. Plus, there’s a micro USB jack for charging or externally powering the adapter if you need more runtime. A well-built adapter comes with removable cheese plate to accept lots of accessories. Beachtek also offers a base- plate, for use on rod-based camera rigs. With different input options, plug one mic into the first input, and a second – for example a wireless system – into another. The latest evolution in the Beachtek range of audio camera adapters is the DXA-Max. It takes all the tech of the DXA-Micro Pro+ and adds a built-in VU meter. Use it on a mixing board with a simple adapter plug. Alternatively, for a fast safety track, it works with smartphones to record two-channel audio. It has a ten-hour battery runtime and, like the other Beachtek adapters, is well-built and designed to last.

Record two distinct channels and adjust each separately. Level indicator lights let you know if you are starting to get any peaking. If a fail-safe is a necessity, use a single mic to record on both channels, and set one at a lower gain level in case there are sudden loud noises. Now, you can avoid the heartache caused by compromised sound. At 400g/0.89lb, the DXA-Micro Pro+ weighs little enough to fit on small cameras. Place it on a hotshoe, screw to a tripod mount under the camera, or – with the cheese plate – easily add it to a cage via threaded 1/4in and 3/8in mounting holes. It’s simple to understand, with obvious knobs and switches – no complicated menus here! Most importantly, it really improves audio quality. All this good stuff won over Pro Moviemaker , making it a clear editor’s choice.


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