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Editor’s letter Postcard from America

“Photographers, your two minutes start now… you have 90 seconds left... oneminute to go…just 30 seconds to go... last few seconds so you need to be taking your final shot now… okay time’s up... close your tripod legs and followme.’’ I have taken pictures in a great many situations but never have I done landscape photography with the clock ticking quite like this. But this is how it is done in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, probably America’smost photographed slot canyon. I was on photography holiday and booked on the Guided Photographer’s tour which is two hours in the Upper Antelope Canyon (it costs $120) and while being counted down and herded about was a shock to the system, it was rather fun. Well, it was fun once you accepted that there was not a second to lose and getting your tripod kicked or having people walking in front of the camera during the required long exposures was part of the experience. I also had to accept that I was very unlikely to get a shot like Peter Lik’s Phantom, a print of which sold for $6.5million in 2014 – see for details. Our group comprised 12 tripod-toting photographers, so we were organised into two sub groups. Six with very wide-angle lenses were to shoot low-down from the front row and the rest with less wide lenses shot from behind standing up. I was shooting on a Fujifilm GFX 50S with a 32-64mm zoom, so I was in the back row shooting over people’s heads. With so little space, tripods could not be used with legs fully splayed out and on loose sand someone’s twitching foot was enough to ruin an exposure; I got a few backs of heads too, as people stood up. It was tricky enough just with our small group, but there were several other sightseeing groups in the canyon at the same time. The other groups had cameras and phones but not tripods andofcoursetheywantedtheirshotstoo,soallin

all it was a bun fight – but a very organised one. The Upper canyon didn’t seem that long either and groups did go back and forth for different viewpoints of the same canyon section. However, it is fair to say that the guides did a great job keeping groups together and making sure everyone got pictures. In the case of our group, one of the guides seemed tobe averykeen photographer himself and the other one knew hisfull-framefromhisAPS-Candbetweenthem they got us to the right spot at the right time for people-free shots of particular light shafts. They were also well practised at throwing sand into the air to catch the light beams too. That meant plenty of sand in hair and on cameras too, but I got a couple of shots I liked. I had read a few reviews on theweb about the canyon tours before I went, but nothing could havepreparedme for the reality. That’snot to say I didn’t enjoy it; I did, despite the frustration of not getting the desired camera viewpoint. Would I do it again? Yes, most definitely, even though I know I’m not going to have a contemplative landscape experience. In fact, I’d probably do an all-day tour taking in other slot canyons too. I am already thinking of a return trip to the area because the scenery is amazing. I’d love to spend some quality time atMonument Valley, as I literally only had a few hours on this occasion and the best sky colour was shot from a moving car. Over the years I’ve seen many images of the place and now I’ve seen it in the flesh I can’t wait to return, so I’d better start saving my pennies. Wherever you spend your summer hols, have a safe, fun time and take lots of great pictures.

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