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Camera Club of the Year 2016-17 WINNERS


NewCity Photographic Society Number ofmembers: 70

ColinMill External competitions and programme secretary We had no idea we’d won because right throughout the judging I felt the comments and scoring were fairly even, though we did seem to be getting a good few high scores. Jamie and Markwere keeping track of their own scores but weweren’t really able to track overall scores. When Will did the big reveal at the end and you hear that you’re not fifth, not fourth, not third – hold onwe’re inwith a good chance here! – and then you’re not called in second place. Wow, mixed emotions or what! Thankfully, elationwon through. As soon as we knew we had won, we posted the result on Facebook and the congratulations began pouring in. The club is very pleased to have won and it’s a great end to my term as external competitions secretary. We loved the diversity of the challenges and reallyenjoyedallofthesubjectchoices.Theywere Why join? We like to think that NCPS is a bitmoreof a social club, themain interest of which is photography. Althoughwe’renot reallya teaching clubwehave a great deal of experiencewithin the clubandourmembers areonly toowilling to share knowledge.

Below The four members of the New City PS teamwere (left to right, with PN editor Will Cheung in the middle): Jamie White, practical secretary; Colin Mill, external competitions and programme secretary; Mark Jones, internal competitions secretary; and Dave Cromack, external competitions secretary.

geared more towards portraiture/modelling with three of the five centeredaround this theme, but we had a free rein to find something of interest with the other two. Even though we were told the scenarios beforehand, some of them were completely different fromwhat we had imagined, making it harder on the day. I’mnot sure if itwas deliberate but choosing a male model that wasn’t chiseled or a female model that was far too tall for the car made it very exciting. Creatively, prior to the day we had set up five Pinterest boards, one for each scenario, and we posted images and techniqueswe thoughtwould be useful for each scenario. Throughout the day we were able to refer to these as we progressed through the challenges, but the pressure of having to create, shoot and process an image in lessthananhourreallydidconcentratethemind. Over some beers the night before we’d talked about the time pressure aspect and agreed that in each hour we needed to be disciplined, with

about half our time working on getting the shots we wanted, the other half selecting and processing, to get a best image fromeach of us. Surprisingly, learning how to operate unfamiliar cameras was not a challenge – the Fujifilm cameras were intuitive to use and the help on hand was excellent. More of a challenge was setting up each shot for each photographer, and then the editing in the time allowed. In all, it was a great day all round and the help on hand from both the Fujifilm team and the Photography News team was greatly appreciated. A lot of planning and organisation must have gone intomaking the daywork. All thanks to Photography News for setting up thecompetition,Fujifilmforthegreatkit,Natural Light Space for hosting the event, TheBooksmith for their space and the coffee, all the models, the Depotforallowingusfreereintorunaroundand, last but not least, the chapwith the classic car.

Our thanks go to…

The five camera club finalists who joined in the spirit of the event, and thanks to all the clubs who have supported the contest over the past six months. TheNatural Light Space team Tris, Kay, Paul and Robert. The Fujifilmteam Andreas, Laura, James, Samara, Nathan, Shanice and Liz. TheBooksmith phone01327 227 391 OurModels KaosAdy EmTheresa Nicky Philips See our newwebsite for all the pictures produced by the finalists, plus behind-the- scenes shots from the day TheDepot phone01327 341303

New City PS clearly scored consistently highly throughout the challenge and did exceptionally well with scenario 5 (the aerial artist).

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