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Day 1: 10pm

Day 2: 12Midnight

Above Will surveys the view from the top of the O2 which photographers had scaled for low- light cityscapes. Right For low-light opportunities like the photo walk and bus tour, tripods were essential. It was Camden that also saw the first oftheday’sphotowalkswithFujifilm ambassador, street specialist Derek Clark. Derek led photographers around Camden Market with his X100F, showcasing vibrant culture and great opportunities for candids. From 6pm, the Fujifilm Station switched to the Marriott County Hall Hotel on South Bank, another historic spot with quick access to London’s most iconic monuments. What’smore, the second of Fujifilm’s ambassadors for the day, Matt Hart, led another photo walk down South Bank. Overnight, there were trips on the London Eye and the Up at The O2 Experience. Another photo walk kicked off at 11pm, featuring Matt Hart and PN crew members increasingly fuelled by caffeine. Starting at Liverpool St and winding through the canyons of theCity, there were low-light opportunities aplenty, including the Lloyd’s Building. For

Day 2: 2am

Photo 24 powered by Fujifilm Huge thanks to Photo 24’s sponsors, Fujifilm, which helped to make the day a huge success, as well as giving the 250-plus attendees some very special perks along the way. Fujifilm’s technical experts were on hand at three different venues across London during the 24 hours, and there photographers could try out the latest cameras in the award-winning X-series. Attendees could take cameras out for a spin in the capital, as well as shooting with some of the classiest glass to see what’s so appealing about Fujifilm’s range. Models available to try out included the brilliant X-Pro2 and X-T2, both featuring class- leading image quality thanks to their latest generation 24.3-megapixel X-Trans III CMOS sensors. And a special treat came with hands-on access to the ground-breaking GFX 50S medium-format body and lenses, both of which received lots of praise from attendees. There was also the small matter of the Photo 24 treasure hunt prize, £1500 worth of kit from Fujifilm. For this delegates has to shoot 14 specially selected landmarks within the 24-hour period. A great prize for a great contest. What’s more, Fujifilm X-Photographers, Derek Clark and Matt Hart flew in to provide photo walks and advice on how to get the best from the X-series cameras, so thanks for their expertise, too.

Day 2: 8am

Day 2: 12 noon

Above Photo 24 ended with Will thanking all those who made it through. overnight refuge, the County Hall location stayed open, courageously staffed by PN ’s Adam Duckworth, who kept flagging photographers’ spirits up with fresh anecdotes and motivational coffee. Or was it the other way around? It was tough to tell at that stage, but we soldiered on. From 2am, photographers had the chance to shoot two classic Routemaster buses in front of London landmarks, and by 6am, the last PN member standing was Roger Payne, thousand-yard stare in full residence. Fortunately for Roger, 8am saw a relaxing boat ride up the Thames, after which Photo 24 reached its crescendo with a rousing sign off fromWill (who’d slept like a baby from 4am to 9am). We’d like to say thanks to everyone who attended, and special congratulations to those who made it through the whole 24 hours. Several creative challenges were set throughout the day. To see the fruits of those, just check next month’s PN .

Day 2: 4am

Above Throughout the night, the streets of London were packed with eager photographers, getting creative with long exposures. Right By 8am, the action had moved to a boat trip, taking in memorable landmarks.

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