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XR SHOPPING LIST What does it take to create a professional XR studio? Rene Amador, co-founder and CEO of ARwall, outlines five key items for your shopping list. The server receives camera tracking data and renders the real-time scene, outputting a video signal to the display. Think $3000 at entry level, $40,000+ for a large stage. Tracking hardware sits on the camera rig and/or has distributed sensors around the room. It should support modern open-source protocols such as Free-D. A basic LED video wall could measure 20x12ft at 1.5mm pitch – exactly 4K resolution. For smaller set-ups, an 85in or 98in large format, non-glare display can be perfect for in-camera effects. Lens emulation combines with camera tracking to enable VR set extensions, AR foreground layers and green screen compositing to the workflow in tandem with the LED backdrop. If you need something more than just Unreal Editor’s vanilla Ndisplay tool, Disguise, Pixotope, Mo-Sys, Stype and Aximmetry all have solutions which integrate with their own platforms.

CINEMATIC SULTANATE The show vividly depicts the grandeur of palace life – which not only looks stunning, but drastically saves time in post

car commercial on a glacier, without needing to get on a plane or negotiate customs. Before XR, we once needed to erect a complete palace set to shoot a scene. We had to wait for days before recording could start. With XR, we designed two environments in our office and recorded them both in one session.” Spin-off revenues are also a possibility. “With XR, a film can be produced using actors in a gaming environment, and later, you can release a game. This creates a whole new opportunity for producers and game development companies to monetise more strategically,” Khan surmises. GEN Z-APPROVED For broadcasters who want to engage with a young audience – the Gen Zs and Millennials who crave

graphics-heavy, social-first programming – XR can be the ideal solution. Blinx, an online, Arabic-language news and current affairs broadcaster based in Dubai and produced for (and by) just this age group, has partnered with Vizrt to create a full XR set. It comes with a 12m wide, 1.5mm pixel pitch LED video wall and floor, plus the ability to extend into a full 360° VR environment. “The virtual set becomes a complete sphere with the presenter inside it,” explains Fadi Radi, chief creative officer at Blinx. “We can connect the virtual camera with the actual camera – so for example, we can fly from the moon into the earth, the building or into the set. That gives us unlimited possibilities when it comes to moving the camera around, and


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