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production to create believable environments. This was complex, time-consuming and often the results didn’t look entirely real. Additionally, actors and DOPs had to imagine the settings based on storyboards, which could limit the performance. “XR and in-camera VFX allow the entire crew to see and interact with the environment in real-time,” he continues. “DOPs and compositors work together to light the set, making the shooting process much smoother. Once everything’s set and lit, recording becomes straightforward and the footage is ready for post-production, without the usual delays.” Outdoor scenes can be shot in a controlled studio setting, without being hostage to the light or weather. “We can also consistently capture scenes like sunrises or sunsets throughout the day, which was previously impossible,” details Khan. But the most significant benefit is time and cost. “By preparing everything before shooting, producers can complete high-VFX projects much faster, and you avoid travel and large crews,” he adds. “We’ve filmed a cosmetics commercial on a beach and a WE CAN CONSISTENTLY CAPTURE SCENES LIKE SUNRISES OR SUNSETS, WHICH WERE PREVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE


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