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LITRA TORCH 2.0: £99 | LITRA PRO: £229 | LITRA STUDIO: £650

Litra Torch 2.0, Litra Pro and Litra Studio



LITRASTUDIO ›  Price £650 ›  In the box Litra Studio, silicone diffuser, 9000mAh lithium ion battery, 45W quick charger adapter, USB-C cable, handgrip, high-quality protective case › F eatures Bluetooth (app available for Android and iOS), 97 CRI colour accuracy, modes including CCT, gel and effects modes › O utput 2400 lumens (constant), 3000 lumens (overdrive), 6000 lumens (flash) › Colour temperature range 2000- 10,000K, adjustable green/magenta in CCT mode › Power range 0-100% › Battery life 20 hours (low), one hour at 2400 lumens › Waterproof Yes, down to 10m › M ounting One 1/4in bush, bottom › Dimensions 139x99x50mm › Weight 950g Contact ›  In the box Litra Pro, dome diffuser, USB cable, coldshoe mount, GoPro mount, carry bag › O utput 1200 lumens › Colour temperature 3000-6000K › Power range 0-100% in 5% steps › B attery life 10 hours (low), 45 minutes (high) › Waterproof Yes, down to 27m › M ounting Two 1/4in, side and bottom › Dimensions 70x50x30mm › Weight 170g ›  Price £99 ›  In the box Litra Torch 2.0, diffuser, belt clip, coldshoe mount, two magnetic mounts, GoPro mount, USB cable › Max output 800 lumens › Colour temperature 5700K › Power range Level 1: 100 lumens, level 2: 450 lumens, level 3: 800 lumens › Battery life Level 1: four hours, level 2: 70 minutes, level 3: 35 minutes › Waterproof Yes, down to 20m › M ounting Two 1/4in, back and bottom › Dimensions 38x38x42mm › Weight 90g LITRAPRO ›  Price £229

Litra’s website claims that the company’s mission is to provide content creators with flexible and unlimited lighting tools. Well, let’s see if it delivers as we try out three units

LET’S START WITH the smallest: the Litra Torch 2.0. This is a 16 LED light with a maximum 800-lumen output at 5700K. Its build is impressive, with a solid aluminium body and waterproofing (20m on the Torch), which are characteristics common to all three lights. Push the on/off button and the light produces a 100-lumen output, another push increases this to 450 lumens, a third push gives you full power and a final push takes you into strobe mode. The Torch does not have Bluetooth and the only other physical features are a rubber gasket-covered micro USB charging port and two 1/4in fittings. I took a handheld light meter reading and, at 1m and ISO 400, I got 1/30sec at f/4 at full power, which is pretty respectable for such a small unit. From a full charge, I got 58 minutes running time at full power. Next up is the Litra Pro. This is a pocked-sized unit, hot- shoe mountable, which has an output of up to 1200 lumens that can be adjusted, either physically or via Bluetooth and the free app (for iOS and Android). Charging is via its micro USB port, which is hidden under a spring-loaded trapdoor on the unit’s side. You’ll need fingernails to open it and you’ll see that it has a rubber seal on the door’s underside as the unit is waterproofed to 30m. Controls are limited to five buttons on the top-plate, one of which is the on/off button, and there’s an LCD to keep you informed. The K + and – buttons let you control colour temperature within a 3000-6000K range in 100K increments. Output is controlled with the other two buttons, and here the

ABOVE Atop the Litra Pro sits a small LCD info panel and five control buttons for on/off, colour temperature and output adjustment. Handling is good, so no issues there, and for added convenience the free smartphone app (Android and iOS) gives Bluetooth control

0-100% range can be adjusted in 5% steps. It means you can precisely match colour to the ambient light and vary output to suit the desired mood as well. When you turn on the unit, the Bluetooth icon starts to blink. Using the app on the phone, you can pair the two quickly – I paired the Pro and the Studio with no problem and found the Bluetooth working range to be between 5 and 8m.

IMAGES 1. Pairing the Litra Pro and Litra Studio to the free Litra app was simple and the connection very stable 2. Controlling connected Litra lights is clear. Here, we’re adjusting the Pro 3. The Studio has an impressive range of modes 4. Precise control of colour temperature is possible on the Studio 5. The Studio’s RGBWW mode gives great control over colour output






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