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Let’s get physical

There’s a fair bit to consider when it comes to printing out your photographs, but the juice is worth the squeeze, so let’s make lemonade


Those going down the route of printing photographs at home are sure to encounter Permajet at some point. While the brand is a reputable distributor of printers, inks and accessories, it really excels on the media front, manufacturing a vast range of papers and more. Permajet’s extensive range of textured fine art papers offers a slightly more natural look, with options like the popular Museum Heritage 310 ensuring sharpness and durability in sizes up to A2 and rolls. Meanwhile, its range of smooth fine art papers offers a more polished look and truly highlights the quality of inkjet printing. The sheeny Photo Art Silk 290 is a strong, vibrant option for colour work with shimmering features that excels for landscape, portrait and street images. The brand’s range of digital photo papers offers quality and varied day-to-day media options. There are also more unusual offerings, such as canvas suitable for at-home inkjet use. Of particular interest to those new to photo printing, Permajet offers test packs that encompass various collections giving photographers the perfect chance to find out what works best for them.

home. Beyond that, some personally crafted wall art can make for a touching gift. And of course, prints can be sold by those looking to take their shooting beyond a hobbyist level – the list of opportunities goes on. Printing is a whole new ball game for many, and there’s plenty to consider, but it doesn’t have to be that complex. Here’s a guide to printing at home or in a lab, using matte or gloss media, whether to frame and more.

IN THIS DAY AND AGE, there’s a very good chance your photos live in a purely digital space; it’s time to set them free! Online galleries and social media are simply wonderful tools for photographers, allowing us to present our work to the masses instantaneously and through the simplest means possible, but there’s something undeniably special about a physical print. Our finest pictures should be hung with pride and there’s no better gallery than your

One Vision Imaging The obvious alternative to home printing is a professional lab, such as One Vision Imaging. There’s a clear upshot to this: professional printers are experts at grading colour density and contrast, delivering the best results from your photography.

In addition to the quality you’d expect from more than 50 years of experience, One Vision Imaging provides a broad range of options, offering everything from photo gifts to professional fine art, giclée prints. On the more niche side, there’s a comprehensive range of wall display products, including many that you can only find at One Vision Imaging. For enthusiasts looking for something more traditional, professional quality photographic prints start at just 11p. All of the lab’s fine art prints are produced using Epson large format printers with Fujifilm, Hahnemühle or Permajet media. When it comes to framing, there are 125 frame styles to choose from with great degrees of customisation. This offers plenty of opportunity for very individual-looking presentation styles. They are available in sizes from 6x4in to 48x36in and in many multi-aperture configurations.

The newly launched Double Sided Lustre 295 paper promises vibrant results and real versatility for creating photo books and more. We review its performance later this issue.


DS Colour Labs DS Colour Labs combines quality and

quantity, with 70 years’ experience delivering pro prints. The brand still uses silver halide printing for large format prints, though things are certainly more modern elsewhere, with options for canvas, wood and aluminium panel prints. These fit alongside a wider range of gift products. Again, for more professional results, DSCL delivers. Its standard prints range in size from 5x3.5in to 18x12in (larger panoramas are available) with lustre, gloss, pearl and velvet finishes. Giclée prints are available, too. And there’s a range of elegant framing options. Framed prints are backed by hand and are priced fairly – a 12x10in frame containing a quality print sets you back £34.99.

First and foremost, WhiteWall is a professional lab that specialises in gallery- standard prints and is used by many exhibiting photographers. The lab’s Masterprint is unique, with detailed fine art pigment in monumental sizes up to 500x240cm. For scaled-down options, there are fine choices, such as Lightjet on Kodak Pro Endura, Fujifilm Crystal DP II and Ilford Baryta media. The latter is a heavy, glossy option, designed to improve black & white shots.

When it comes to mounting, WhiteWall’s 100 frame models replicate the quality of the prints themselves, offering a lovely finish that certainly befits that on display in a gallery. The Pop Art Frame offers an eye-catching splash of colour, while the Aluminium Art Box allows a photo to stand almost without support, save for a sleek edging. Of course, there are still offerings to suit a much wider range of needs, including canvas prints, gifts and a group of photo books that are well put together.

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