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anyone else that requires the data in your network. This could be inside one office – or remotely, if set up for that. Alternatively, if you have a paid Dropbox account, things get more interesting. Files are available to anyone with Dropbox access without needing to download, as Blackmagic Cloud Store constantly stays in sync. Users who access the files work on them in your local storage. Since there’s no storage in the Blackmagic Cloud Store, there’s no subscription or monthly fees. Other services in addition to Dropbox will be added soon. Sitting above the Cloud Pod is the Cloud Store Mini, which has 8TB of internal storage, priced at £2574/$2995. It has four speedy M2 flash memory cards in RAID 0 configuration and built-in 10G Ethernet, as well as 1G for slower systems. Or connect to the network via USB-C. With Dropbox sync, multiple units can be synchronised across different geographical locations. An HDMI monitoring output means you can see which users are online and the amount of data they are admitted to. Plug in any monitor via HDMI and get a real-time view of how much space you have. Like the Cloud Pod, this unit displayed plug-and-play simplicity. Software is easy to use and understand – it just connects and works – and drives are very fast,

as they’re PCIe-style SSDs. It’s bigger than a standard SSD desktop drive, but has all the network switching built in, so you’d expect that. About the same size as an 8TB HDD, it’s ideal for desktops. For very large productions, the full-size Cloud Store costs from £8496/$9595 for a 20TB version, up to £26,496/$29,995 for an 80TB drive. A 320TB model will also be available built to order, at a price that is still to be set. These Cloud Store devices use the chassis of eGPU accelerators Blackmagic used to sell, which were widely praised for cooling capability and performance. Now they have speedy SSDs inside, four 10G Ethernet connections, and a parallel memory core that sustains maximum transfer speeds on each 10G Ethernet port at the same time. The array of flash memory is set in RAID 5 for speed and protection. Ethernet ports mean you can connect four separate

SHARE POINT The new version of DaVinci Resolve 18 lets different users work on the same project at one time

XXXXXX CUpid quas exerum quis nimoluptiate veliscia est res et exceaque rem lant odi tet inulparum in the range are shipping: the Zato Connect, Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+, and Shogun Connect. All support Atomos Cloud Studio and work with the Atomos Stream service. With a forthcoming update, Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect will integrate with Camera to Cloud (C2C). In September, the brand Atomos Cloud Studio is live Atomos Cloud Studio is a collection of services, including cloud and live streaming, with network-connected devices. In partnership with Mavis, it offers two new cloud-based, live video production solutions for real- time collaboration. The first three products releases Live Production: a cloud-based control room for live video and remote work. This includes a video switcher, sound mixer and many effects.

A FAST CLIP Included in the latest DaVinci Resolve are updates to the Fairlight sound editing tool


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