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As creatives trailblaze the use of virtual production, disguise has the tools to ensure ultimate colour control

For the past two years, disguise has been a pioneer in the field of extended reality (xR) and virtual production. Recently winning an Engineering, Science and Technology Emmy for its flagship xR workflow, disguise has been used in over 600 productions across more than 30 countries to date – and is recognised as an industry-standard solution for virtual production. COLOUR MANAGEMENT disguise xR implements the Academy Colour Encoding System (ACES), for managing colour throughout the life cycle of a production. disguise’s ACES support allows users to create a common colour language for all virtual production components, so the end result is uniform. By integrating ACES support with a wide dynamic range and extended colour information pipeline inside of disguise xR, filmmakers can have the confidence that the source material will be preserved at the highest quality throughout the workflow.

IN FILM AND television, virtual production is rapidly replacing green screen – as of 2021, it’s a $1.6 billion industry. Although virtual production offers limitless opportunities for creating engaging content and improving collaboration on-set, for many filmmakers and broadcasters, colour consistency and control remain a key challenge. Without an effective system for managing colour, many teams have to choose between sacrificing the cinematic quality of their output, or limiting their creative horizons. With virtual production, pipelines typically comprise of multiple inputs which might operate in different colour spaces. Achieving colour consistency among these components that don’t speak the same colour language is tricky. Achieving truly immersive, photorealistic content requires a colour management system that allows for interoperability between components, so the output is uniform, and free of colour shifts and other unwanted artefacts.

EXPERT HELP With powerful management tools, disguise software ensures that content plays back exactly as it was created – along with efficient solutions to ease workflow QUICK SCENE CHANGEOVERS Working alongside the ACES integration, disguise’s xR solution also boasts a powerful automated Colour Calibration tool that corrects shifts by calibrating the colour response of the LED screen and camera pairing. This innovative tool runs through the gamut of the LED screen, learns the camera sensor’s response to colour, and creates a common working colour space for interoperability between sources. The result is a seamless output that is faithful to your team’s creative vision and free of colour inconsistencies. Correcting for colour shifting in virtual production is often a laborious post- production process, but with disguise’s Colour Calibration tool, it is automated and complete in less than five minutes. As virtual production takes off and unleashes new possibilities for film and TV, partnering with a platform that’s equipped with a sophisticated colour management system is crucial to creating truly immersive and realistic content. With disguise’s ACES integration, along with its Colour Calibration technology, teams can execute projects without compromise. Read our ebook to learn how disguise empowers confidence in colour: www2.

“For years, disguise has been a pioneer in the field of extended reality and virtual production”


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