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stage to the workflow – not to mention creating a lot more data. Data will be an issue, especially if you shoot Raw, which generates very large files. The camera lets you select different compression levels for its Raw files – from 3:1 to 12:1 if you keep the bit rate constant, or four quality levels from Q0 to Q4 for a consistent standard. Recording in 6K, even the most compressed files give amazing quality and detail. You can get around an hour of 6K recording on a 256GB card. Recording 4K or lower in ProRes gives edit-ready files that are easier to use, and can save on space compared to Raw. With a choice of compression levels, some of the 10-bit ProRes files are larger than certain 12-bit BRAWs. If you want higher resolution than C4K, you have to shoot Raw, but 10-bit ProRes HQ and 422 files are very rich and detailed. Shooting 4K ProRes is much easier in terms of file size and workflow. Just like the Pro model, the G2 uses fifth-generation colour science taken from high-end

Blackmagic cameras, delivering beautifully realistic colours. The camera offers three basic colour settings and you can upload your own LUTs. Video is the standard high-definition Rec. 709 look that’s

IN CONTROL Main user buttons can be found on the top-plate – we applaud this simplicity

quite high-contrast, extended video has a wide dynamic range, while film mode produces a more cinematic style. Standard LUTs included changing Gen 5 film to normal video, extended video, Rec. 2020 Hybrid Log Gamma and Rec. 2020 PQ Gamma for HDR. We got great results from film settings, choosing Gen 5 film and extended video LUT. This gives a subtle, yet cinematic feel and “Data could be an issue, especially if you shoot Raw, which generates very large files”

GREEN AS GRASS The Blackmagic camera produces very natural hues and has a wide choice of gammas

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