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SEEN TO BE BELIEVED Ghostframe Technology allows Roe to deliver a real-time, multicam recording environment that’s truly state of the art

capabilities. This will be achieved through a range of both hardware and software upgrades, all designed to give the end user faster instal times, seamless operation, and even greater overall control of their lighting on set. VALDERRAMA: As with any technology, LED degrades after several years of constant use – although high-quality LED units from reputable manufacturers and the application of advanced cooling systems can dramatically reduce this degradation. New light fixtures – incorporating colour technology with a matrix of more than four LEDs – have let us counteract any future light deviation by recalibrating white point. This means colour LED technology can be considered not only a creative tool, but also the new white. LE: With tungsten and HMI lights, typical form factors include PARs, fresnels and soft lights. LED fixtures are available in an incredibly wide variety of form factors,

EVANS: The energy conversion payoff is an old one, but a good one – and a challenge we keep coming back to. As power is turned to light, it will create heat. More than most people think! We have tested a 500W, 1kW, and now a 2kW LED light engine. They’re super bright, but hot. Heat management is the biggest barrier all LED units face. It’s a twofold effect. As heat increases, certain colours reduce and overall performance decreases. This engineering principle is the most important aspect to fabricate a solution to. We strive to be a fan-free company. We manage our heat with unique mechanical and convection solutions. As output power increases, so does our required surface area. We design now to be resilient in the future. HERBERT: LEDs are widely accepted today, but we continue to focus on pushing our products’ feature sets, with new methods of lighting control, increased output for adaptability and greater wireless

mounts, accessories, colour technologies and standards, that knowledgeable filmmakers now need to keep track of. So, as we strive to improve the spectral fidelity of LED fixtures, there is a lack of consensus on the important metrics by which lights should be evaluated. Different form factors and colour technologies are the ultimate needs of the filmmakers we create tools for, as these optimise for different results – such as total illumination, colour fidelity, size and aperture, weight, modifiability and means of control. “Heat management is the biggest barrier all LED units face. As heat increases, certain colours reduce and overall performance decreases”

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