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TO SUIT YOU Whether a unit, like the Sumolight (above), or a volume, like the Fireframe studio with Roe tech (right), there’s something for every shooting need

arrays and h-Series hybrid generators. The i2 and i4 battery arrays deliver easily manoeuvrable 240v AC power for lower wattage fixtures, and the h40 can power a 3000-watt load for eight hours on batteries alone – silently and without its diesel engine having to run. BOUWMAN: Using virtual production LED panels for a film shoot saves a lot of cast and crew travel. By mixing real props and LED panels, costly and time-consuming set decoration can also be minimised. EVANS: We design, fabricate and assemble in Berlin, Germany, in a low-carbon production cycle. It’s not all about the carbon footprint of the actual units before ownership, though. When you look at our LED units’ longevity of use, low maintenance costs, no moving parts to replace and multiple uses per production, you’ll see we’re working towards greener all-round solutions for our end users. With LED now working in much higher lumen outputs, with greater reach and control, the number of traditional fixtures being used or asked for on set is declining – but maybe not as fast as most people would think. While not all productions can – or want to – use LED volume, the well-known drawbacks are being solved, as newer products like Sumosky and Sumomax form part of volume integration. “Many LED fixtures simply aren’t built to withstand the rigours of production – they tend to be more fragile than traditional lighting”

VALDERRAMA: Sustainability is not a choice these days. All other advantages that LED brings could be summarised in the slogan of our Kosmos line: speed up your shoot! Many productions are well aware of the efficiency benefits. What are the current drawbacks in LED technology – and how are you working to overcome them? AMPHLETT: Many LED fixtures simply aren’t built to withstand the rigours of production – they tend to be more fragile than traditional motion-picture lighting fixtures. We’ve taken great care with the rugged construction of our Panalux Sonara fixtures and, beyond that,

go to great lengths to protect equipment in transport, providing thorough servicing between each job. BOUWMAN: We are constantly working on new technology to overcome limited viewing angle, colour space and contrast, as well as colour shift. One other limitation with an LED volume was that only one camera perspective could be used at a certain time. By using Ghostframe technology, Roe can offer a real-time, multicam recording environment. Together with our partners – AGS and MVR – we now have exclusive use of this amazing technology.


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