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WHAT YOU NEED LEDs, like these Gemini 1x1 Hard lights from Litepanels, can provide versatility with consistent and accurate white light

Sonara variable-white soft-light fixtures, introduced at the beginning of 2020. The range began with a 4:4 form factor and has recently expanded, with 3:2 and 4:1 models. We’d offered proprietary LED fixtures previously – including Flex Lights, TekTiles and NessLED – but Panalux Sonara represents a significant leap forward in terms of colour science and control. Now, as ever, it’s our close relationships with our clients and deep understanding of their requirements that drive our innovations, ensuring that what we deliver meets the reality of their on-set needs. Beyond our own proprietary solutions, we continue to keep our rental inventory up to date with the latest LED product offerings from other leading manufacturers. BRANDON LE: Starting with lightweight, battery-operated LED panels – such as the high-colour rendition HR528 – we wanted to democratise access to quality LEDs, when most of the offerings on the market had poor-performing CRI and skewed heavily towards green or magenta. Our next step in revolutionising lighting was to proliferate the use of the Bowens Mount with continuous LED lighting, through our Light Storm series.

“We wanted to democratise access to quality LEDs, when most on the market had poor CRI”

This began with the LS C120t, a 120W tungsten-balanced COB LED that could change its quality of light in seconds, simply by using interchangeable hard and soft light modifiers. We grew the Light Storm products into a series of professional lighting tools with the RGBWW, modifiable point source LS 600c Pro, and began replacing HMIs en masse, with the output of the LS 1200d Pro. The LS 600c Pro represents the culmination of many years of research in product development, to bring together the versatility of the Bowens Mount and the creative control of a perfectly blended point-source, full-colour lighting engine. Alongside the Light Storm series, the library of our products has now expanded to include every category, with soft and optically enhanced LED panels, lightweight LED mats, mini lights and battery-powered tube lights. ROELOF BOUWMAN: When virtual production began to use LED screens,

we looked to our very best products. At the time we provided LED for The Mandalorian , LED screens were mostly built for the human eye. Nowadays, with a demand for LED panels designed solely for on-camera purposes, we have modified many features. There’s better contrast, faster scan rate, reduced reflections, wider colour space and more. How are your most popular LED fixtures used alongside, or instead of, traditional sources? HERBERT: Developed from the original 1x1s, the Astra series of white LED panels is popular as a run-and-gun talent light. They’re lighter, brighter and easier to set up than many traditional sources. The Gemini series of RGBWW panels in 1x1 and 2x1 formats have grown to be hugely popular, thanks to their versatility, the addition of colour and extra output. Often seen on film and drama productions, they can be used alongside traditional sources. But the quality

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