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SMALL MAY WELL be beautiful, but from a cinematography standpoint, it’s so much more than that. Small means creativity, freedom, flexibility and discovery. Small also used to denote compromise, but recent introductions in the mirrorless market have changed all that. Now, the Fujifilm X-H2S is leading the charge to deliver power and versatility for cinematographers, in a body so compact, it can be put almost anywhere and capture groundbreaking footage. Fujifilm is already synonymous with the moving image. Its lenses are used to broadcast live events to millions of viewers worldwide, while its cine zooms are finding favour with DOPs on major TV and film productions. Fujifilm digital cameras have offered a broad range of movie features for some time – the X-T2 being the first to give 4K back in 2016, for example. However, the X-H2S represents a major step change – it’s a serious moviemaking machine. THE SECRET’S IN THE SENSOR… Fujifilm prides itself on its X-Trans sensor technology, and the X-H2S uses the latest, fifth iteration of the unique light-catcher – allied to the new X-Processor 5 engine. A 26.1-megapixel, APS-C stacked BSI CMOS sensor, it offers readout speeds four times faster than the previous version, with double the processing power. As a result, it’s capable of recording Open Gate 6.2K movies internally at 30p in 4:2:2 10-bit colour. For slow-motion enthusiasts, 4K 120p is available – while 240p is on offer, if you’re happy to shoot in Full HD. For many, the real attraction of the sensor is the way it handles colour. The layout of the pixel array reduces moiré and false tones, plus users have access

A legend of the lenses

From broadcaster to owner-operator, Fujifilm offers a lens to realise your creative vision. The X-H2S is directly compatible with MK zooms, with two currently available – the 18- 55mm and 50-135mm. Both feature a constant T2.9 aperture. MKs are notable for providing an outstanding optical performance, minimal breathing, along with fully manual focus, zoom and iris control. The weight and dimensions of both lenses are identical, to speed up changes. Plus, they each feature 200° focus rotation for highly accurate focusing. Those working with larger format sensors, meanwhile, could save time and money by switching to Premista zooms, which come in three flavours – 19-45mm T2.9, 28-100mm T2.9 and 80-250mmT2.9-3.5. Available in PL mount, these optics do the job of multiple primes, while still delivering exceptional quality and tight suppression of flare and ghosting.

DON’T STOP BELIEVING With a new heat-dissipating structure, get up to 240 minutes of continuous recording

to Fujifilm’s Film Simulation modes, which offer a range of baked-in colour profiles, many based on the company’s legendary emulsions. These notably include the soft tones and low saturation of ETERNA, plus ETERNA Bleach Bypass with its low saturation and silvery aesthetic. For those seeking more control in post, the X-H2S provides two F-Log options – standard F-Log and the new F-Log2, which offers a broader dynamic range of more than 14 stops. Also, 12-bit Raw recording can be done in Apple ProRes Raw or Blackmagic Raw to suitable monitors, or recorders at up to 29.97P in 6.2K. Codecs are in plentiful supply, with multiple 8- and 10-bit options in both All- Intra and Long GOP form. Apple ProRes is on board, for example, in 422, 422 HQ and 422 LT, plus there’s also ProRes Proxy. A CFexpress card slot is provided to keep up with the more data-hungry options, but you can record to SD media via the second slot. …BUT THERE’S MUCH MORE Beyond the sensor, there’s plenty to like about the X-H2S. The body is weather- resistant, with 79 seals providing dust and moisture resistance. It will also continue to operate in temperatures down to -10°C. Naturally, monitors can be attached for a larger screen option, but if you want to keep the unit as light as possible, the 5.76-million-pixel electronic viewfinder and 1.62-million-pixel vari-angle rear screen offer plenty of contrast and detail. Similarly, run-and-gun users will appreciate the seven stops of in-body image stabilisation, which works in five axes. The rear LCD provides touchscreen functionality, which works seamlessly with the improved AF system. Autofocusing behaviour can be modified to vary the speed of focus pulls, while enhanced subject detection means greater accuracy on fast-moving objects. Given its size, the potential to locate the X-H2S in tight spots or have a multicam set-up means the Remote Rec function is sure to appeal. With the optional file transmitter, up to four X-H2Ss can be controlled simultaneously via wired or wireless LAN connections. On the subject

of connections, the X-H2S is the first Fujifilm camera to feature a full-sized HDMI Type-A port, plus it has a USB-C port, along with 3.5mm microphone and headphone sockets. It’s great as a stills camera – perfect for behind-the-scenes shots, or to remember locations, lighting set-ups and more. In summary, overlook the X-H2S at your peril. Its feature set, durability and optical options open up fresh possibilities in moviemaking. Whether you consider it for an entire production or use it to realise new creativity, it’s got the poise to deliver.

UNDER ANY CONDITIONS The X-H2S offers improved autofocus and subject tracking, in an attractive size

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