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Keep an eye out for… Roe Visual Hall 7, stand C11 Roe Visual will display products and technologies tailored for broadcast and film applications, reflecting its extensive growth in this area of the market. Bringing a range of products well-suited for broadcast applications, the company aims to visualise the added value of LED screens for broadcast and film. New products will include the Ruby 1.9BV2: a high-performance, broadcast-grade HD-LED panel. Designed for film studios and virtual production applications, it offers cutting-edge design. Roe Visual will use this innovative LED panel within daily GhostFrame demonstrations, along with partners AGS and Megapixel VR. This tech allows users to create a broadcast studio where you can provide the presenter with autocue, instruction markers and visible eye contact with a reporter. At the same time, viewers only see the studio image. Alternatively, it’s possible to shoot a virtual background, where each take automatically has the green screen recorded simultaneously, shoot different perspectives in one take, or set up hidden tracking without the need for physical markers.

STAYING SAFE Seagate Technology offers a range of innovative storage solutions to hold your data securely

wash. Quasar Science, meanwhile, offers lighting solutions for virtual production, along with kits that light everything from actors to environments. After you’ve spent some time at the Beach, head over to Hall 7 and make sure you tick Blackmagic, Teradek and Adobe off your list. Also catch Seagate Technology (B05) – a global leader in data management for more than 40 years. Learn about its full portfolio of storage solutions for content creation, editing and distribution. Use the power of efficient workflows, cost-effective solutions and scalable media collaborations with Lyve Cloud. Or take control of data transfer workflows in private-, public- or hybrid- cloud environments with Lyve Mobile. Of course, while you’re at the show, be on the lookout for Team Definition – you’ll be able to spot us with our logoed shirts. We’re there for the duration, so come over and say hello!

“Be on the lookout for Team Definition – you’ll be able to spot us with our logoed shirts. Come and say hello!” – home of SmallHD, Wooden Camera and Anton/Bauer. If this issue’s round table on the future of LED lighting (page 43) has you excited, be sure to see what Litepanels and Quasar Science have to show. From Litepanels, the Gemini 2x1 Hard is a must-see: brighter than any other panel of its size, yet lighter than its peers, with the flexibility to switch from a 20° beam of hard white light to 100° soft Aputure. When you’ve taken those stands in, make a beeline for Videndum (C40)

Keep an eye out for…


Hall 12, stand G44

Samyang is a specialist glass manufacturer, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary of lens innovation and craftsmanship. Samyang Optics’ range is specially designed to deliver a superior optical and tactile experience, allowing creatives to concentrate on the pure essence of cinematography. Samyang introduced the premier Xeen brand in 2015, with the intention of

which stands for ‘compact and flexible’ – and the premium Xeen Meister and Anamorphic lenses.

developing a prime lens family that would meet the trend for smaller and lighter filming equipment. Since then, the line-up has been extended to include Xeen CF –

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