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Quality filtration needn’t cost an arm and a leg, thanks to the new Firecrest Magnetic system from Formatt-Hitech

FOR THE PAST 25 years, Formatt-Hitech has been carefully crafting filters for some of the biggest TV and film productions on the planet. Alongside that, it has provided a range of filters for stills photographers, making it ideally placed to identify changes across both markets. So, when the company spotted that creatives work increasingly across both stills and movies, particularly in their early career, it acted quickly to form the perfect solution – the Firecrest Magnetic holder. This holder is fully compatible with existing Firecrest Ultra ND filters, which use a unique bonding process where the coating is sandwiched between two pieces of Schott optical glass. That allows the filter to be lapped and polished for improved resolution, while maintaining neutrality, full-spectrum IRND performance and impressive durability. The Firecrest range uses the same process and materials as the existing camera range, meaning the company can now provide cinema-quality products at a photographic price. “The new system is the cheapest professional filtration available today,” confirms Formatt-Hitech’s David Lutwyche. “It is made in the UK to the highest possible standard, using the best materials. The kit is so small that you could fit it into a large pocket, and a set of filters with a holder is going to cost less than a single comparative cinema filter.” Formatt-Hitech sees this potentially as someone’s first filter system, but it has broader appeal. It could be used with a second or third camera, crash cam or drone for TV and film, as well as numerous commercial applications – easily working with Blackmagic, Red and Sony cameras. SOFT OPTIONS The holder comes in a kit with four stepping rings and an 86mm circular polariser – a 100mm linear polariser is also available. Plus, a range of diffusion filters have been unveiled, offering different effects depending on your needs. All the filters

come in three strengths: 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2. Black Supermist and Clear Supermist both use a 3D matrix of metallic particles, to diffuse bright light while retaining overall definition. Soft Gold, meanwhile, offers a slight warming effect with subtle diffusion, perfect for period films with a more vintage feel. Soft Silver provides the same diffusion and light bloom as Soft Gold, but with a cooler look – ideal for automotive work and sci-fi. Finally, Soft White is a pearlescent filter reminiscent of the effect of single- coated optics, with more pronounced highlight blooming and lower contrast. All the new diffusion filters launch at £99, with the holder kit costing £165.

CROSSING THE AISLE Marrying the twin halves of the camera community – stills and film – is not always an easy feat, but this new tech has the versatility to bridge the gap


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