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Superfast hover craft!

4K/60p or 2.7K/120p with an f/2.8 ultra wide-angle optic that has a viewing angle of up to 155°. Flight time can go to 18 minutes per charge. The DJI Motion Controller steers the drone intuitively according to the movement of your hand, or you can use DJI’s FPV Remote Controller 2 and the DJI FPV Goggles V2. This video headset gives a clear FPV image thanks to a Micro-OLED screen with adjustable dioptres. The Avata and Goggles 2 connect with a delay of about 30ms, and will work until they’re 2km/1.25 miles from each other. The drone has 20GB of internal storage space onboard, as well as a microSD card slot. It costs £499/$629 for the drone itself, but you’ll need to already have a DJI FPV controller. A combo kit is £1229/$1388 and includes the Goggles 2 plus the new Motion Controller.

If you want to shoot from the unique perspective of a first-person-view drone but the technicalities of learning to fly one have put you off, DJI has the Avata: the first consumer drone that will hover rather than crashing when you make a mistake. While normal drones hover when controls aren’t being used, conventional FPV drones have to keep moving forward or else they’ll fall out of the sky. They’re tough to master and easy to damage. The Avata is made to be used in combination with the new DJI Goggles 2 and Motion Controller, which give the performance and agility of an FPV drone combined with easy in-flight handling. This drone has a compact body built for both speed and agility, weighing only 410g/0.9lb with integrated propeller guards for safety. Its stabilised camera has a 1/1.7in CMOS sensor with 48 megapixels, shooting in


HorizonSteady helps eliminate shake and even horizontally corrects tilt. That means footage can stay horizontally level, creating the effect of a perfect horizon without post-production. HorizonBalancing corrects the tilt horizontally within ±45° and supports 4K/60p. A middle ground between RockSteady and HorizonSteady, it’s ideal when prioritising a smooth, 4K picture in a dynamic environment. The Osmo Action 3 is the first action camera with dual touchscreens. For audio, three-mic stereo recording reduces wind noise and boosts fidelity, and Wi-Fi live streaming supports up to 1080p/30fps, plus pausing recording during the stream. UAC/UVC webcam support also offers high-quality video and audio for conference calls and live streams.

Drone giant DJI continues to do battle with action-camera rival GoPro, releasing the Osmo Action 3. This features the new 1770mAh Extreme Battery that lets the camera record for up to 160 minutes. It can handle temperatures as low as -20°C/ -4°F and can charge from flat to full in 50 minutes thanks to fast-charging support. The DJI has a 1/1.7in sensor, shooting in 4K/120p and providing a 155° super-wide field of view. There’s also an improved heat management system enabling continuous 4K/60p recording until the battery runs out of power. D-Cinelike colour mode is available in video, slow motion and time-lapse. This £309/$329 camera has three electronic stabilisation configurations. RockSteady 3.0 eliminates shake in all directions and works up to 4K/120p.

BACK TO THE FUTURE The new Action 3 camera abandons the modular design of the Action 2 for a conventional look



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