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arranged by IB/E’s experienced technicians to give a natural look. The range includes Organic, Rainbow, Red Shine and Blue Atmosphere, plus softener filters made with a variety of strengths and materials. Exact results vary according to focal length, aperture, backlighting, light intensity and placement – plus colour temperature – and give truly unique compositions. With a more limited range, British firm Formatt Hitech is pushing into the independent filmmaking market with full-size 4x5.65in cinema filters, which are half the thickness and weight of traditional rivals. They’re also some of the most affordable cinema filters anywhere, ideal for those on a budget and brilliant when fitted on gimbals. Its Ultra Cine Superslim filters are available separately in a range of effects, or as a three- or five- filter kit that comes with one of the firm’s slimline filter holders. This is a standard Arri fitment but only takes 2mm filters, held in place by an aluminium spring- loaded catch. If you want to use a standard 4mm Arri filter holder, then you can stack two 2mm filters in it – which can actually be good for reducing ghosting. Many matte boxes take 2mm filters anyway – including some SmallRig, Bright

Once you have a matte box, there’s a wealth of filter manufacturers to choose from. Some of the best, like German optical giant Schneider- Kreuznach, offer a huge range in all different strengths and colour combinations. There are ND and ND grads in every configuration you can think of, plus polarisers, diffusers, infrared and lots more. In recent years, Schneider- Kreuznach has become famous for its True-Streak series – used on some of the world’s biggest TV and film productions. The range features 136 different variations, including subtly altered colours, effects and thicknesses. They recreate a classic anamorphic streak effect when employed on conventional lenses. Schneider has nine colours to choose from, as well as clear for a neutral flare. There are also Rainbow, Confetti and True- Streak for entirely different looks. Another lens maker, IB/E Optics,

LACE UP IB/E offers unique patterns like fabrics (top); Formatt Hitech Superslims can be bought in sets of three or five (above)

Formatt Hitech’s Supermist filters provide a more cinematic and slightly diffused picture. They reduce the super-sharp edges that show up every detail and produce a filmic bloom on any point light sources, giving a look that’s lower in contrast for a more vintage feel. The Black Supermist gives a more subtle effect, with less lightening of shadow areas. The firm also offers a set of ND filters that are light, slim and made from cinema-grade glass. They’re IRND, so have IR-attenuation rare- earth metal coatings to cut down on infrared light. And for the lightest set-ups ideal for mirrorless users, Formatt Hitech has put out the Firecrest 100mm MKII low-profile filter holder. This accepts 2mm Superslim 4x5.65 and standard 100x100mm photographic glass or resin filters.

offers something very special, with a range of filters that use

hand-picked materials such as fabrics and nets, or organic materials like dandelion seeds or horsehair. These are

THIN BLUE LINE Schneider’s True-Streak filters can create classic anamorphic flares

Tangerine, Chrosziel and Wooden Camera models.



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