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Boost production values by investing in top filter kit for your set-up THE FILTER FACTOR WORDS ADAM DUCKWORTH F ilters can make an enormous difference. offer more creative effects, such as flares, sunbursts, diffusion and every colour imaginable. You can soften the super-sharp digital look of modern lenses or create vignettes, just as an example. But as so often in filmmaking, there’s a vast array of sizes, styles and prices, and not all are suitable for every lens or camera. So, we’re taking the mystery out of filter shopping – for all types of user. Technical ones can correct for colour casts, take away unwanted reflections, darken skies or even ensure exposure is just right. But many

ALL THE GEAR With a fully rigged camera and matte box (left), you’re ready for large cine filters. Top Hollywood DOPs use streak filters for sci-fi (right)



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