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THE LIGHT BRIGADE LED INSIGHT Every filmmaker needs to know how to light a scene and deploy the right kit for all scenarios. We speak to the brightest industry experts for their inside info


W hat have been the most important innovations in lighting over the past few years and why? TIM KANG: On-set, image-based lighting – using images to drive lighting fixture environments. And, of course, more portable units. The former has revolutionised the way filmmakers and technicians understand how to light their sets and environments – and will continue to develop in the next few years as ‘the normal way of doing things’ versus a fancy technological approach. Battery-operated LED units have changed the way lighting crews work. Because of their efficiency and stability, portable LEDs have removed the need for complicated wiring set-ups. TERRY CAWS: We have all witnessed a fundamental shift in the selection of lighting technology. With the increased sensitivity of ISO on DSLRs, combined with the social media explosion, even photographers just starting out tend to think of continuous lighting first, as it’s much more versatile. ROD AARON GAMMONS: There have been many innovations in lighting over recent years. These include Smartsoft, the world’s first electronic diffusion providing a harder and softer source all in one, controllable from 200ft via our dedicated iOS and Android app. Other Rotolight innovations include an industry-first touchscreen display that saves huge amounts of time when shooting, as well as hybrid continuous and RGB flash capability for hybrid stills and video shooters.


TIM KANG Principal engineer of colour & imaging Quasar Science

Why should a filmmaker invest in lighting when a camera’s high-ISO performance is so good now? CAWS: There is no substitute for light. Although the ISO sensitivity of modern digital cameras is off the scale, the ambient light that falls on the subject is likely to be soft and flat. Additional lighting will add extra brightness and is more controllable for creative effects. KANG: The sensitivity of a camera has nothing to do with lighting as a craft. Whether a camera can see in the dark, the same principles of telling stories with light remain the same, and filmmakers can only do this with fixtures. GAMMONS: High-ISO performance doesn’t negate the need for lighting, it simply means there are now more potential sources a filmmaker could use. Lighting is the fundamental ingredient to convey mood, add drama and emotion as well as directing the audience in the scene. It is the most important tool available in the arsenal of any filmmaker or photographer. RAINBOW HUES Small fixtures like this Nanlite 60C can output all colours thanks to RGBLAC technology

TERRY CAWS Product marketing manager Nanlite at MAC Group Europe

ROD AARON GAMMONS Chief executive officer Rotolight



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