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Ask the experts at CVP The clued-up staff at Britain’s top retailer answer

questions about kit – and how to choose and use it

systems. This, paired with a nice monitor could be a good option. However, the option that actually may be best, is to grab a Wi- Fi-based image transmission system, such as the Teradek Serv Pro, which is on the pricier side. There are loads of affordable options from Accsoon, Vaxis and Hollyland. These can distribute your image to anyone who has a phone or tablet on set, which can be a really powerful and easy way for people to see your image. However, quality and latency may be worse than other solutions. But given the massive price difference, that isn’t surprising! Q. My Sony A1 eats through batteries on long shoots. Is it best to buy a USB-C power bank and keep it running that way, or a more pro solution with bigger batteries? If so, what should I use? A. You have two options. You can run a power bank via USB-C, which is a really

A. Take advantage of that board, 100%! Both Tascam and Zoom make excellent external recorders that have XLR inputs. Q. When I do commercial shoots that have the client on site, they sometimes request to see a screen to watch with the footage being shot. Should I invest in a proper production monitor, or will a small computer monitor suffice? And what’s a cost-effective way of getting the signal to the screen without trailing cables? A. This really depends on the budget you have and what camera you are shooting with. We’ve produced an in-depth video showing off the different wireless video options, but really you have two options. You can either get a zero-delay wireless system, this will require more rigging and a dedicated monitor – and it can be expensive. You can also get higher latency – but more affordable – wireless video

Q. I’ve been asked to film an amateur song and dance show. No problem for the video, but how would it be best to record the audio from the performances? There is a sound mixer on site, so do I just take an output from that? And what audio recorder would be best? I usually record via XLR direct into my cameras.

BOOMING GREAT An XLR mic is perfect for a large shoot (top). An external monitor is ideal for nailing exposure (above)



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