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DREAM BIG Ryan J Smith started out making Lego motorbike animations, but now he’s working with the real deal (above). He shot the film himself, directing a talented crew of actors and fellow ex-students (below)

process,” says Smith. “If you walk into a meeting in today’s climate, but aren’t absolutely bulletproof on all fronts, you’re going to be at the mercy of those who are less fierce than you in terms of getting things done. “It’s purely because content is now being produced faster and cheaper than ever before. Having a knowledge across the board also means you know what to throw overboard first if you feel a production sinking under a rising budget. If you’re smart about where to invest, along with being a bit of a nerd, you can achieve much more for less with today’s consumer tech. I’m not the only filmmaker who knows this, either.” Smith’s friend and fellow director Lewis William Robinson recently wrapped on his first ever feature film Orchid Moon , which was very similar to Lottery in terms of being a stripped-back, yet totally professional production. “Ryan has a gift for setting the mood with natural light – and without the need for endless equipment”

enjoyed working with Ryan. He has the eye needed to capture beautiful shots and his presence on-set is calming, reassuring and friendly,” Fisher adds. Lead actress Niamh Branigan says: “ Lottery will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first time in a leading role, with the respect and freedom as an actor to explore the character of Ruby in order to bring her to life.”

“I’ve not worked on a pro film shoot as laid-back as Lottery ,” insists Robinson. “Ryan has a gift for setting the mood with natural lighting – and without the need for endless equipment to gain what he wants from the scene visually.” Smith says that Lottery is a ‘lean, mean emotional thriller’ written for his friend and regular acting collaborator Mitchell Fisher to star in. “I’ve always



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