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SPECIFICATIONS Focal length: 21-100mm, parfocal Mount: Sony E, Canon EF, Nikon F, PL, Micro Four Thirds Image coverage: Super 35 Horizontal angle of view (Super 35): 61-14° Aperture range: T2.9-22 Iris blades: 11 Rotation angle of focus ring: 294°

Aperture rotation angle: 48° Zoom rotation angle: 100° Construction: 22 elements in 18 groups Minimum focus: 0.8m/32in Dimensions (lxd): 226x114mm/8.9x4.49in Weight: 2kg/4.4lb

ROCKY II When you’re on location and need to react quickly, nothing comes close to the speed and flexibility of a rugged ZEISS zoom lens. Optical quality and colour rendition are simply stunning, too

know-how in a slighter, lighter package to match the more slimmed-down cameras of today. One small compromise is the variable maximum aperture. At the wide end it’s a T2.9, but at the long end it loses a little less than a stop – so it’s rated T3.9. ZEISS engineered this gradient T stop for how the lens gets darker in a very controlled way, with a linear transition and no sudden drop-off in exposure. The lens is built with a splash-proof body to fend off the worst. And the zoom, iris and focus rings are all naturally placed for handheld work. The fixed, standard-sized gear positions of the control rings are ideal for follow-focus rigs, and can even be fitted with wireless lens control systems. It helps that the iris ring is stepless for greater precision when changing exposure. Details like these show that the ZEISS 21-100mm LWZ.3 T2.9-3.9 T* is created by a company with decades of experience in making professional filmmakers’ lives easier. This zoom is a knockout blow for the opposition.

in or out, the subject remains in focus – unlike on many optics. That’s ideal for the zooming techniques the best documentary filmmakers employ. Such sophisticated lens design also means there is virtually no focus breathing, and the central axis of the lens stays constant as you either focus or zoom. It’s the mark of a brilliantly engineered tool – and the ZEISS has it. The LZW.3 is built to colour match with ZEISS primes, pin-sharp from edge to edge. There is very little vignetting or distortion with lots of contrast and punchy colours – but not too punchy. It controls flare excellently, too. Out-of-focus highlights are smooth thanks to an 11-bladed iris, producing a pleasing bokeh and focus roll-off that gives a real cinematic look. Size matters Despite the lighter weight compared to full-frame ZEISS Cinema Zoom lenses – and its lower price – the LWZ.3 is not stripped of its rugged build or legendary optical performance. It uses all the ZEISS

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