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HIT AND RUN FutureWorks’ impressive cloaking effects play a central role throughout the series

sequences rather than individual shots. These scenes were captured by eight cameras in total, but they were treated as a single tool for this purpose. “The LED screens allowed actors to really immerse themselves in their roles and react to the scenery around them, which is much harder to manufacture with a green screen solution,” Shankar explains. “For example, when they are on the motorcycle, the characters would look around to take in what’s surrounding them and react to the environment –

“The LED screens allowed actors to really immerse themselves in their roles and react to the scenery”

and it looks completely natural in the show because, well, there actually was something around them with which the actors could directly engage.” What’s more, creating content for the LED volume was something completely new to the team. Originally, Shankar and his charges were ‘only supposed to take care of the cloaking effect’, but the turnaround time was quite tight, so Worth asked if they could get involved with this aspect of the project as well. They collaborated closely with VFX supervisor Kyle Goodsell at London- based studio BlueBolt, who guided the Mumbai team so it could learn how to create those sequences.

“This was followed by a few days of experimenting and working out the kinks – since we were on a fairly compressed timeline to begin with, it was quite the learning curve,” says Shankar. “But after this initial troubleshooting phase, we started delivering. It was incredibly rewarding to see those sequences appear in the first episode – we had worked extensively on the shots with the Koid driving the Rolls-Royce.” Season 2 may be cloaked in secrecy for now, but luckily for us the first instalment is in full view. The Peripheral Season 1 is available on Prime Video

Did you know? Following a successful debut on 21 October 2022, the second season of The Peripheral is already in active development

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