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Production Fact File

SHOT LIST FutureWorks delivered 260 shots across the series

ADAPTATION The Peripheral is based on the 2014 sci-fi mystery- thriller novel of the same name by William Gibson

PUNK’S NOT DEAD William Gibson, author of The Peripheral novel, is credited with creating the cyberpunk genre VIRTUAL PRODUCTION Of the two volume sequences in the show, FutureWorks created the assets for one – which was filmed using an eight-camera set-up

To help realise the scene, FutureWorks painted out the stunt rigging that was used to flip the car and roll it across a field on-set, and also worked to add damage to the police cruiser caused by the invisible SUV. This was achieved by FutureWorks’ 3D-modelling team creating a crushed CG version of the vehicle’s side panels (from a scanned model of the car), which was then tracked to the real car as it was moving. Dust and debris were also added to lend the scene more realism, with FutureWorks’ 2D, 3D, paint, prep and matchmove teams all involved to varying degrees. TAKING THE LED Shankar also explains how the team behind The Peripheral got involved with some of the scenes that were shot on an LED volume, treating them as longer

DOUBLED OVER The Peripherals in question are a form of futuristic doppelganger – meaning multiple Flynnes on-screen

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