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Kit rental is becoming a more viable option for small crews and sizeable productions alike with each passing year. We explore growth, trends and the potential benefits of foregoing ownership WORDS. Lee Renwick IMAGES. Video Europe & various RENT CHECK F rom cameras and lenses to

continued catering to the industry throughout. With a clear scope of growth and current interest, sales director Matt Beard is uniquely positioned to speak on today’s rental boom. “Hiring kit has been on a healthy and predictable growth curve for many years, but post- pandemic, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand and a shift in the way customers want to book. A large number of our pros

lights and supports, rental is nothing new. It’s been the go-to option for decades for high-end production, where cost to own soars beyond a reasonable expense. At the smaller end of the scale, though, the owner-operator market has always been strong. Approaching its 20th year of service, Hireacamera has seen significant tech developments shape cinematography – and

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