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surfaces, including skin. Our other top-performing light-control products include Blackwrap as well as our new E276 Blackout. With regards to fixtures, when it comes to shooting in a room full of windows, the DMG lighting fixtures filmmakers have been relying on have been the DMG Maxi, Double and Triple Maxi for sheer output. These fixtures feature several beam-control accessories, including flat and dome diffusers, barn doors and both Snapgrid and Snapbag accessories from our partners at DoPchoice. How important is having a good reference monitor displaying the colour spectrum? BL: In combination with charts like vectorscopes and waveforms, a good reference monitor with these functions that can also display the widest colour gamut is always important, to visually verify the image that your camera is capturing. As a lighting manufacturer, our goal is to provide our users with the best spectral output possible on set, so our users can rest assured that the colour being captured by their cameras is as detailed and full as possible. The spectrum our lights are able to produce all originate from our deep investment in the research and development of our core LED technology. NM: Colour fidelity at Rosco has always been incredibly important. It’s essential to see the results of spectral gaps present on set, especially when lighting with LED units. The six-chip Mix technology inside our DMG lighting fixtures helps to fill in those gaps, and a good-quality reference monitor also helps cinematographers, DITs and colourists to see all these intricate differences. TD: When considering monitoring on a set, there are two different objectives. The first is to ensure what is being captured meets the quality standards set for the project. Having well-calibrated quality monitors set up in an appropriate viewing environment – even when on location – is essential to this goal. This ensures what is being photographed will be effective from that moment all the way through to final viewing. The second objective is to experience a ‘preview’ of the visual characteristics of the completed project. Sometimes this is routine matching from shot to shot or creating a sense of time of day, or even crafting something entirely otherworldly. Most previous achievements with film stocks, processing or post production is now at least previewed during photography. Good

beautiful shades) but with the efficient LED technology and all the wireless connectivity shooting needed in 2023; that also is enabled to be battery powered at 100% output. The LED is fully incorporated into all types of shooting scenarios. It brings countless advantages in terms of versatility due to its wide range of attributes: colour temperature, dimming, precise tone adjustment, autonomous power supply, low consumption, lightness, wireless connectivity... These benefits are compelling arguments for being widely accepted as a new tool that the DP and the gaffer value very positively for their productions. Do you have a go-to light solution for filming in rooms full of windows, glass and chrome where glare is a problem? BL: Typically glare is just a result of the reflections of the lights on certain surfaces which happen to reflect directly back into the view of the camera. Bare point-source lights will produce the harshest glare because of their smaller aperture, which results in a sharper and smaller reflection. One way to mitigate this effect is to use softer sources, including a soft panel like a Nova P600c, or modify the light source with a softbox like a Light Dome on an LS 600d. This will increase the size of the reflection and make it less noticeable. To remove it completely, it will be important to adjust the angle of the light source and even add light control grids or barn doors to prevent lights from spilling onto the reflective surface in the first place. JV: Our proposal for this type of location would be to work with equipment that allows lighting from outside. In this case our Velvet Power, with long-throw beam, allows to have a controlled beam and minimises glare. Velvet Kosmos, our colour fresnel with motorised zoom, is a point source and its beam is much more controllable and allows a precise light cutting. Velvet Kosmos has a real glass lens and its COB is the same size as the filament of a 2K tungsten bulb. Therefore, its light and shadows are those of a classic tungsten but with the connectivity and advantages of an LED point source. NM: Rosco has been a go-to manufacturer of lighting control products for decades. We offer several ND filters in different strengths to reduce the intensity of window light. We also offer RoscoView, a unique variable ND solution for windows that utilises polarising filter technology. A wide variety of diffusion filters are also available to reduce glare from reflective

monitors and monitoring practices always produce better decisions on lighting, because the visuals are presented in a more authentic and reliable manner. A skilled DIT who routinely optimises the signal chain and monitors an eventual viewing area is an essential part of the team. The DIT is a great ally, determining which adjustments should be made for reasons of quality, consistency, creative objective – or a combination of all three. JV: Right now, with easy colour temperature or hue adjustments, having a good visualisation tool on set is a must, and if the project is for HDR, even more. Much of the colour grading is created on set nowadays. Which type of light provides the most options when it comes to colour? BL: Manufacturers can design LEDs to be colour-tunable by mixing the spectral qualities of multiple types of LED. The simplest version of this is a bi-colour fixture; producing a range of colour temperatures by mixing two different white light emitters. For additional versatility, adding red, green and blue LEDs to create lights with RGBWW or RGBACL chipsets allows users to reproduce more hues. Using our own blend of RGBWW LEDs, the Nova P600c and LS 600c Pro are some of our most advanced lights to date, with our widest available colour gamut allowing the exact colour selection for their scene.

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