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High-end cinematography requires powerful lighting, but it must be sustainable. Our panel of experts share some of their best advice Making light work

INTERVIEW. Robert Shepherd

What role are you playing in the production of energy-efficient lighting? BRANDON LE: LED technology has been available for years, and as a lighting company, LEDs are the only technology Aputure has ever used. We started out with the goal of optimising LED technology to make high-quality, affordable lighting available to filmmakers and creators of all levels. With the rapid growth of the technology, they are no longer just a source of energy- efficient lighting, but natively capable of a plethora of features that enhance the workflows of our users, from wireless app control, colour tuning, weather- resistance and easy modifiability. The field is growing at a rapid pace, and we are making an effort to lead the charge. NILS DE MONTGRAND: Rosco DMG Lighting has fully embraced LED technology for its versatility in colour reproduction, longevity, consistency – and of course, its lower power consumption compared to traditional lighting products. TIM DUFF: Creamsource has been at the forefront of LED technology, introducing the first RGB space light to hit the market, and now delivering a wide-ranging product portfolio for filmmakers to have in their arsenal. Dedicated to driving innovation, Creamsource offers high-

BRANDON LE Senior product marketing

manager Aputure

quality, energy-efficient fixtures such as the groundbreaking Vortex, a series of waterproof, hard panel LED lights. JAVIER VALDERRAMA: Velvet proposes and develops innovative technologies to produce more energy-efficient luminaries, to give more creative possibilities and to speed up the lighting set-up and adjustment process. Designed with lightweight equipment to facilitate the work of technicians, without fans so there are no problems with direct sound – and battery powered while still giving 100% light intensity. LED technology uses up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. Our flagship fixture – the Velvet Kosmos – is a new-generation fresnel colour light, with true glass and advanced features such as motorised zoom. Kosmos needs five times less energy to give the same intensity as an equal tungsten light. All fixtures in the Velvet portfolio are highly efficient lights in which

NILS DE MONTGRAND Vice president LED products & engineering Rosco

TIM DUFF Director of North America Creamsource

JAVIER VALDERRAMA CEO and co-founder Velvet

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