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What’s on show at Cine Gear NY 2023?

Don’t miss out on these brilliant brands displaying their wares in the Big Apple this year

APUTURE Booth 229 Aputure will parade the MT Pro, its first ever full-colour mini LED tube light. Condensed into a compact, one-foot frame, it shines brightly with swathes of professional features – including industry-leading pixel density as well as wireless CRMX connectivity. The MT Pro is designed to accommodate all levels of filmmakers, photographers and content creators. It can be utilised as an in-camera practical, an on-camera fill light, a hidden accent, or for on-the-go content creation and product cinematography. ASTERA Booth 123 Through its trusted distribution partner Inner Circle Distribution, Astera will be showcasing its entire range of lighting solutions and accessories at this year’s Cine Gear Expo NY. There will be a particular focus on the recently launched Hydrapanel; a lightweight and highly flexible 1300-lumen LED panel, which achieves exceptional colour mixing and dimming by virtue of the integrated Titan LED engine. Designed to maximise flexibility, its compact and robust IP65 casing incorporates six snap-on light modifiers, a range of mounting solutions and dual wired/wireless operation. Further extending the flexibility of the Hydrapanel will be the Snapbag, a softbox which allows incorporation of up to four Hydrapanels. The Snapbag uses DoPchoice’s Snapshape material to ensure wrinkle-free set-up and a bright and even output. This is the first live demo of the Snapbag (as well as the directional add-on, the Snapgrid) at a US expo, and in combination with other products on display – including the newly launched Runtime Extender – the Astera booth’s focus will be the flexibility, versatility and creative agility that its products embody, not only in terms of the quality of their

individual designs, but in the many ways that they can be coordinated and integrated in professional settings. Astera will be taking a particularly personal approach to client engagement at Cine Gear in New York this year. The company looks forward to welcoming clients old and new to the hustle and bustle of the main stand and giving them personal attention, taking time to outline the exciting portfolio growth scheduled for the near future. CORE SWX Booth 112 Core SWX will be showing its new Apex 360 battery system, designed to answer the call for an onboard battery solution to increase runtimes for high-powered

LED lighting. Apex packs offer a 367Wh lithium-ion V-Mount solution capable of outputting up to 24A continuously. With Apex, the crew can focus on video production rather than worrying about restricting light usage, thanks to the limiting onboard powering options that are offered. The load output allows a more ‘true’ runtime while operating high-power LED lighting systems. Apex is offered in both a 14.8v (APX-360V) pack suitable for the majority of lights, plus a higher-voltage 29.6v variant (APX-360HV). CREAMSOURCE Booth 221 Make the impossible possible with Creamsource FrameSync. See how its lighting effects can open up the door for

“The focus of the Astera booth will be the flexibility and creative agility that its products embody”

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