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stunt actor who was playing Daredevil. We were also able to use it to create a Charlatan version of Tatiana Maslany, who plays Jennifer. “We managed to seamlessly blend from She-Hulk to our Charlatan version of Tatiana… and that turned out to be the bridge that the compositing team needed to get from a fully CG She-Hulk to our plate photography.” Melchiorre says it was particularly important to use deepfake because the team had found it tricky with the transformation of the Skrulls in Captain Marvel . “When She-Hulk transforms, it’s not a painful process,” he says. “There aren’t overly exaggerated muscles bursting everywhere or quick camera moves. It’s a more elegant and sophisticated, measured approach to her transformations. Because of that, the director wanted to see the transformation in long camera moves and not cut around it. We really needed to get seamlessly from A to B and make it convincingly believable the entire way.” Technologies and practices such as deepfake and VFX are certainly more sophisticated and ubiquitous than they were, but Melchiorre says whether these methods will make productions cheaper remains to be seen. “I think it’s another tool in the box – another way to solve the problem,” he adds. “There are always multiple ways to attack whatever challenge is in front of us, and a lot of this

LET THE RECORD SHOW Blending from plate photography to the Charlatan version of Tatiana Maslany allowed Digital Domain to create the transformation scenes found throughout the show

just gives us another option. For example, now we can do this as a deepfake – and that’s getting a lot more mainstream now. You have this tech that helps you and pushes things forward.” At time of writing, rumours abound that a Howard the Duck animated series is in the works for Disney+ and could be announced shortly. With access to the talent and technology wielded by effects houses like Digital Domain, perhaps Marvel feels ready for another bite of the cherry? Second time lucky? She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is available to stream on Disney+


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