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Editor’s letter Time to sell the liver and go big? A Samsung memory card! WIN!

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I don’t think medium-format has ever been truly mass market but there was a time when Bronicas, Mamiyas and Hasselblads were common sights among the ranks of keen and pro photographers. With digital, medium-format is most definitely minority interest and that’s principally down to the cost of the cameras but also to the incredible quality possible from smaller formats making a larger format redundant. So much so that many pros and full-frame 35mm shooters have long since gone to mirrorless and Micro Four Thirds formats and haven’t looked back. I recall the early days of digital when 14 megapixels was considered the resolution necessary to match film and we all longed for the Holy Grail of a full-frame 35mm DSLR capable of that. When cameras were three megapixels and APS-C format, that seemed a very distant target, but look where we are right now with 35mm cameras surpassing 50megapixels. So, you may be wondering what’s causing all the brouhaha with medium-format right now with new models arriving from Fujifilm and Hasselblad. These are still very expensive products with, for instance, the Fujifilm GFX 50S with a standard lens costing £7600. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m very interested in and even excited by what’s going on. Maybe it's because until I moved house two years ago I had four medium-format film cameras under the bed – three have since been sold. I really love working with the larger format. I actually bought a new medium-format film camera last year. It’s a folding plastic 6x12cm job that needs rubber bands to hold it in its folded position but I do enjoy using it. I’ve even started processing my mono films again after a break of several years.

So while I grew up with 35mm format and still shoot that format as well as APS-C and Micro Four Thirds digitally today, there is something beguiling about the bigger image. Last month, I tested the Hasselblad X1D and enjoyed its company. It is a lovely, capable camera that handles shooting indoors and out with aplomb. Also, lastmonth I got touse the FujifilmGFX 50S for a couple of hours and I have to admit I loved using it. I had the FujifilmX-T2 alongside it and while the GFX 50S clearly wasn’t as responsive as that camera, it was very, very good. Start-up lag was well under a second, shutter lag was minimal too and handling felt intuitive. There is a detailed hands-on report in this issue, in case you’re reading from back to front. I have made several large prints from the GFX and even though I don’t have the evidence of side-by-side shots from a 35mm DSLR for a direct comparison, there is no doubt in my gut that bigger is better and larger does mean superior. The tonal smoothness and crisp rendition of fine detail just looks amazing – just like the difference between 35mmandmedium- format film. Worth the investment? Obviously that depends on any number of factors: the money, the need, the want. Of the three, I definitely have the last (in spades) and as I don’t want to part with my liver to finance the deal, I’ll stick with smaller formats – for now. I need a cunning plan and with that, it’s time to say au revoir until the next time.

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