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CameraClubof theYear in associationwith Theme 3: the street

Matt Hart is an expert street photographer whose work draws admiration from all quarters. His camera system of choice is the FujifilmX-series. “I like to capture the street scenes without changing the dynamic in the scene by being as discreet as possible,” says Mark. “For this reason I use the Fujifilm X-series for street, and it’s why the black camera bodies and lenses are perfect. “I mainly shoot with prime lenses for the size and fast maximum apertures, and prefer something wide and something long when shooting with two camera bodies. I shoot in aperture-priority AE and auto ISO allowing the ISO to go up to 6400. “I like to shoot around f/4 for most of my subjects. I use single shot AF for stationary subjects and with moving subjects, switch to continuous focus and allow the camera to track the subject as they walk. “I walk about 20 miles a day looking for the trinity of street photography: light, composition and moment. During the day in flat light this can be quite hard so often I wait for the evenings and use shop and street lights to add that extra dimension to a shot. Sometimes I wait in urban areas where I know there will be great light and shadows. “I love harsh contrast in the summer and look for really strong shadow areas and wait for the subjects to walk into just the right position.” Round 2: wildlife results Our thanks go to all the camera clubs that entered Round 2 and made it such a lively contest. We saw many stunning images. Our qualifier from this month’s contest is Exeter Camera Club, who saw off Dorchester Camera Club by just one point. Both clubs were in the shake-up last month too, but well done to Exeter CC on this occasion and very bad luck to Dorchester CC for another bold showing but just missing out. The overall scores are shown here and the individual scores can be seen on the CCOTY gallery at . Closingdate: Midnight 5March



Scores Exeter Camera Club



Dorchester Camera Club

90 89 89 88 87 86 85 85

Great Notley Photography Club Harpenden Photographic Society *New City Photographic Society Windsor Photographic Society Seaford Photographic Society

Gloucester Camera Club

Harlow Photographic Society Maidenhead Camera Club 85 Princes Risborough Photographic Society 85 Earl Shilton Camera Club 84 Norwich and District Photographic Society 83 Preston Photographic Society 83 Colchester Photographic Society 82 First Monday 82 Nuneaton Photographic Society 82 Peterborough Photographic Society 82 Tonbridge Camera Club 82 Wisbech and District 81 Dunholme Camera Club 80 Wokingham& East Berks Camera Club 79 Alba Photographic Society 78 Beckenham Photographic Society 78 Blandford Forum Camera Club 78 West Wickham Photographic Society 78 Park Street Camera Club 77 Consett & District Photographic Society 74 Birlingham Photography Club 73





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