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NUGEN Audio brings magic to film favourites Discover how acclaimed composer and music

producer Germaine Franco used NUGEN Audio plug-ins as her go-to solutions for projects including Encanto and The Mother I n the world of film composition, where creativity and precision are paramount, Grammy-winning

and Oscar-nominated composer and music producer Germaine Franco has found a reliable ally in NUGEN Audio’s suite of plug-ins. Renowned for her groundbreaking work, Franco credits her early immersion in Latin music as fuelling her creativity, incorporating this passion into varied projects and building an extensive resume that sets the bar high. A key piece of Franco’s toolkit is NUGEN’s Halo Upmix – a workhorse in elevating the synths within her scores. Featured prominently in the soundtrack of Netflix’s The Mother , Halo Upmix was instrumental in widening synths and seamlessly integrating them with live orchestral recordings. “It’s a very helpful tool because I often have to deliver in various different formats. It’s reliable and sounds great,” she enthuses, “completely expanding the stereo sounds of the synths I work with.” Franco also deployed Halo Upmix on Encanto , for which she picked up the Grammy award for best score soundtrack for visual media. “Everyone was working remotely at that time, and we had several musicians on the project who all recorded at home, in stereo,” she explains. “I still had to deliver the mix in 5.1, so Halo Upmix was extremely helpful in those circumstances. Because of those capabilities, Upmix has become one of my favourite plug-ins.” For precision stereo delivery, Franco turns to NUGEN Halo Downmix. “Sometimes, the directors or editors don’t

DIAL IT IN The Paragon plug-in is a 3D-compatible convolution reverb with incredible scope

have a surround set-up and are only listening in stereo,” she explains. “In these cases, I mix for surround and then will run it through Halo Downmix to deliver to the editorial house. This way, I know they are hearing it exactly as I intend. One editor recently wasn’t working in surround, but we had already recorded some of the orchestra that way, so I needed to turn my demos in as stereo files. The mixture of having both Halo Upmix and Halo Downmix provided the flexibility needed to make my deliveries.” Adding another layer to her sonic palette is NUGEN’s Paragon plug-in, which she praises for enhancing the richness and expansiveness of her compositions. Featured prominently in The Mother ’s evocative score, Paragon’s various reverb options and reliability make it a standout choice for Franco.

For those who demand precision and efficiency, NUGEN Audio stands as a cornerstone in the delivery of high-quality, compliant audio while preserving the essence of the creative process. Find out more at NUGEN Audio’s reputation as a go- to choice for industry professionals is evident in its widespread adoption by the biggest names in post-production, music and broadcast. With a suite of award-winning loudness metering and correction, surround sound, mixing and mastering, tracking and audio analysis tools, the brand consistently provides professionals with both market-leading fidelity and unrestricted creativity. She also prefers NUGEN’s plug-ins for their reliability and usability, and will certainly continue to incorporate them into her workflow as she continues to innovate within the industry.



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