FEED Winter 2022 Newsletter


Imax has acquired Ssimwave, a provider of AI-driven, video- quality solutions for M&E companies. The move marks an expansion of Imax’s strategy to deliver the highest-quality video on any screen – driving new, repeat revenue and growing global leadership in entertainment tech. Through its patented technology, Ontario-based Ssimwave enables streaming and broadcast providers to deliver the best possible image on any device for on-demand and live video. “Ssimwave does revolutionary work at the intersection of human visual perception and image enhancement. Putting the power of our global brand behind its award-winning team and product suite, Imax takes a big step toward a new horizon in our ability to deliver the best images for any creator, on every screen,” said Richard Gelfond, CEO of Imax.


A new strategic collaboration has been formed between ‘in-video intelligence’ service provider Synchronized and enterprise software platform Whip Media. Synchronized’s AI-driven products, such as smart thumbnails and smart preview, allow users to generate artwork and accelerate the selling and buying of content. “In today’s media landscape, companies need high-quality in-video metadata as they license their content globally. Synchronized is a recognised leader in providing this, to enable creators, rights owners and distributors to more strategically distribute and sell their content,” commented Alisa Joseph, SVP strategy and business development at Whip Media.


It comes as little surprise that video-sharing platform TikTok now ranks among the social media apps generating the highest revenue, and is one of the highest-grossing apps of all time. Data compiled by Finbold indicated that in September 2022, TikTok generated $2.5m daily on Android and iPhone devices. That value translates to approximately $104,000 an hour. It recorded the highest revenue among social media platforms, with the value for Google Play standing at $35.14m. On the Apple Store, TikTok’s revenue reached $40.66m. The colossal success has pushed other social media companies to emulate it by cloning popular TikTok features.


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