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EAST ANGLIAN AIR AMBULANCE (EAAA): TOGETHER WE SAVE LIVES Some inspirational stories from the people we’ve been able to help, thanks to your support

AAA’s highly skilled doctor and critical care paramedic teams take the hospital to the patient and can attend any type of life-

Aged 31, Charlotte, a mum of two from Ely, suffered a cardiac arrest at home. She had no previous heart problems and had showed no signs of illness. Her husband realised Charlotte wasn’t breathing, called 999 and started CPR straight away. First responders were soon on the scene with a defibrillator and started shocking Charlotte’s heart. An ambulance was next on the scene, followed by the critical care team from EAAA. Together, they resuscitated Charlotte and the EAAA team controlled her breathing and got to her to hospital in a safe and stable condition. The chain of survival worked perfectly that night to help get Charlotte well again. She has since had an ICD fitted to monitor her heart. CHARLOTTE’S STORY

threatening or life-changing incident, such as a road traffic collision or cardiac arrest. Not only does the charity provide critical care at the scene, but the EAAA can also quickly transfer the patient to the most appropriate hospital to get definitive treatment.


HAYDN’S STORY Haydn lives in Soham and in February 2018, when he was 15, he was hit by a car whilst cycling, his head hitting the windscreen. Haydn wasn’t wearing a cycle helmet at the time, as he thought they weren’t ‘cool’. Haydn suffered severe head injuries and was anaesthetised at the scene by the EAAA team in order to control his breathing and protect him as much as possible until they could get him to Addenbrooke’s for specialist treatment. Haydn was in a coma for 12 days and doctors thought he would be paralysed on one side of his body. It was an incredible moment for Haydn’s family when he came round from the coma and quickly tried to get up out of bed unaided. Haydn needed a lot of treatment and rehabilitation and two years on from the accident is still learning to talk, read and write again, but his progress has been incredible and his love of music is a huge help in developing his speech and coordination again. HAYDN’S LAW Haydn and his family are passionate about helping prevent other children from suffering injuries like Haydn’s and want to encourage more people to wear a helmet when cycling. They have set up a petition to make it the law for under 16s to wear a helmet. To support this petition, search for Haydn’s Law online or look on Facebook.


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