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Issue 1 of PN received great feedback – thank you! Here is a small selection of your kind comments Your thoughts on PhotographyNews

“I took a few copies of PN to camera club on Thursday evening and they disappeared faster than the chocolate biscuits at tea break. It was apparent as the evening wore on that they were very well received. I overheard comments such as ‘this is good’, ‘this is interesting’, ‘seen this?’ and ‘any left?’ When it was time to introduce our speaker for the evening, instead of getting the members to stop chatting, we had to get their noses out of the papers.” Barbara Jones, Stourport Camera Club “Just a quickmessage to say what a pleasant surprise last week at camera club when we received the new publication. It was a good read and I liked the fact it was in a newspaper format, which makes it different from the run-of-the-mill magazines. Well done and here’s looking forward to the next issue.” Robin Harmsworth, Tonbridge Camera Club “Our members feel that this is a great initiative for the club photographer and will eagerly await future issues. We hope to contribute items of news, exhibitions and outings in the future.” Paul Bowker, Spalding Photography Society Ed: Paul, you and everyone else is welcome to contribute to PN . Please see Club news on page 8 for the contact details.

“We had ours a couple of weeks ago. If it wasn’t for the fact I opened the delivery I wouldn’t have got a copy. They disappeared quicker than the biscuits during the tea break!” Mark Stone “Please convey to Will Cheung and all the production team our congratulations on what is an excellent news sheet, and which most certainly has gone downwell with our discerningmembership – and not just because it is free and we are Scottish! We look forward with enthusiasm to subsequent issues.” Dr Robert Brown, Paisley Photographic Society Ed: Thanks, Robert – and are you implying that Scottish folk are tight! “I was recently sent 20 copies of your new newspaper Photography News which I passed on to our members. The reception was fantastic. Needless to say there were numerous unhappy members who were unable to get a copy.” Colin Churcher, Cheam Camera Club Ed: Requests for more copies will be considered. If you do want more, please email admin@ However, please bear in mind we have limited copies and it’d be great if copies of Photography News were shared around. “I hope things go well for the publication as a lot of work has obviously gone into its production.” Judy Knights, North Norfolk Photographic Society “Tis an excellent read. We’ve got themon the counter at Wilkinson Cameras in Southport.” Melvin Nicholson Ed: Wilkinsons is among several photo retailers – Calumet, Cameraworld, Jessops, London Camera Exchange and Park Cameras – getting Photography News and the list will grow soon. You can also email to get your camera club on the mailing list.

We had some of these the otherweek, I didn’tmanage to get hold of one theywent like hot cakes!

Congratulations regarding the newpublication, with the present financial climate and squeeze on luxury type items I think your paperwill go down verywell


π To tell us what you think of Photography News or photography in general, drop us a line at And to get copies of PN for your club, email admin@

AlanTaylor, TTLCameraClub

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